My new favourite: fried dumplings

You know when I used to work in corporate land we used to always have a special “ladies lunch” on a Friday. Sometimes there would be wine, always a laugh and chat, perhaps a spot of shopping before we got back to our desks and usually something a bit fancier than a sambo for lunch.

Working from home, and with a baby at home, my lunch usually consists of crusts cut off a sambo and maybe 4 biscuits with a cup of tea. But the last few weeks I have cooked this up for Rob and I for lunch and we sit down like grown ups for at least 4 minutes before Rob is back out to his studio and I’m back, eating those biscuits. They’re not going to eat themselves you know.


I get a packet of these dumplings from Harris Farm markets down here, I’m sure any good asian supermarket would have a variation of them, maybe even the frozen section of the supermarket.


Fried Dumplings

1 packet frozen dumplings
Handful coriander
Handful shallots or chives
1 red chilli
Good dash of soy sauce
Oil for frying (I used olive oil you could use sesame or rice bran)


1. Roughly chop the coriander and chives (or shallots) into 2cm batons and slice the chills on an angle


2. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and add in the dumplings in batches (I do the packet in halves)


3. Wait for the dumplings to come to the surface and let boil for 2-3 minutes then take them out and drain them and set aside on a plate


4. Heat some oil in a frypan (I use olive oil but you could use sesame oil or rice bran oil) then add in the dumplings to fry for a few minutes each side (or until you get that golden colour on them)


5. Throw in your coriander, chives and chilli and toss about in the heat for about a minute


6. Pour in a good dash of soy sauce and take off the heat, giving it all a good toss before transferring to your plate to serve


7. Add some extra fresh coriander on top and devour immediately!

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Do you partake in a special lunch on a Friday?
Love a dumpling as much as me?
This almost makes up for living SO far away from good asian places to eat.


  1. love a pan fried dumpling for lunch at home…with lots of soy.
    The way I do mine uses only ONE pan though, as I hate washing pans. Whack a bit of oil in the frypan, add frozen dumplings an fry a few minutes until starting to brown, Then reduce heat, throw 1/3- 1/2 cup water to the same pan, cover and leave to steam for 6-8 minutes or until all the water has gone. Easy peasy. In fact, all I think I might even have to go and whip some up right now.

  2. Charmaine Wan says

    Those dumplings look scrumptious. I like the extra effort you put into add coriander, chilli and soy. I usually pan-steam then fry them to crisp the edges and serve with soy or chilli sauce. Might give that extra step of chilli and coriander a go. Thanks.

  3. I love love love dumplings! I am a bit iffy with meat ones if they are made overseas, so quite often check where they are made, and was pleasantly surprised to buy some that were made less than 5 kms from home, yet had all the authentic Asian packaging!! Going to try jazzing them up a bit with your herbs.

  4. I am drooling!

  5. love that these are aussie made !! look like i’m on the lookout now

  6. I thought that you were making the dumplings from scratch and I was going to be like ‘oh, I wish I had time for that these days’. But this recipe is the BOMB – I’m off to our local freezer section to find something similar.


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