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Do you guys read the Daily Mail? It’s a UK paper which has superior pictures of celebrities. Their show buzz section (I think it’s called) is gold. If you have an iPad, then even better for the viewing. Do yourself a favour. Look at Michelle Williams would you? I love her style – look at her in London this week. I was sad that her and Jason broke up. Commitment issues I hear. Like anyone knows. At least she still looks fabulous. Do you guys own a trench coat?

Do many of you out there have one of those stand up Electrolux vacuum thingys? That charge? My Mum has one and she reckons it has changed her life. I think I need one – someone as crazy about a clean floor like me needs one, I spend way too much time on my hands and knees with a dustpan and broom in hand.

I finished season 3 of Downton last night. Sheesh. What a season! Incidentally I saw on the Daily Mail that they have started filming season 4 just this week (note to self that if you read this you can occasionally get spolier alerts so beware). I also found myself googling exactly where Downton Abbey is, because we are going to be in the UK next year. Now that I know where it is, I shall be going. I don’t care that Daisy, Rob and Harper will be disinterested, imagine walking on that gravel driveway? Sitting under those two huge pines? HOLD ME. I’m going to make it happen, I just am.

We just popped into a very soggy, wet and miserable show. Guess what? Daise got first place for her drawing! I know! She was stoked. Clearly this was done at School, craft has no place here at home.

We had our morning tea this morning and I whipped up 60 or so wee mini quiches. Had a few requests for the recipe so thought I would share.

The key to a good mini quiche is the non stick pan. It just is. Invest in one and you will reap the rewards. I have a RACO one which has been very kind to me.

Mini mini quiches (makes about 80)
6 eggs
300mls cream

: Fry up whatever ingredients you fancy with some garlic and olive oil. This morning I used bacon, shallots and mushrooms. Cut them up quite small before frying and make sure to get some good colour on them. Set aside to cool down slightly

: In a bowl mix the cream, eggs with a good amount of salt & pepper

: Get a frozen sheet of puff pastry and cut out small circles (use the end of a champagne or wine glass or small scone cutter if you are a bit of a Beverley. Place into the mini muffin tray circles pressing down slightly

: Add the cooked mixture into the eggs once it’s cooled a little

: Using a spoon drop in a small amount of egg mixture. Make sure you stir it up as the cooked stuff will sink to the bottom

: Whack into a hot oven (200 degrees) for about 15 mins. They will puff up and be golden brown on top

: Use a teaspoon to pop them out and DEMOLISH

What are you up to this Saturday night? Anything fun? We have had some very quiet Saturday nights round these parts over the past few weeks and I’m quite taken with them. A movie. The couch. Some wine. And tonight a fire as well. Have fun friends!


  1. Yes!!! The Electrolux you NEED I use mine at least three times a day! 2 children under 3.5 and we love it! So much mess & so easy to use! Get one!
    Quiet night in tonight, raining in Brisbane. Glass of wine & Greys anatomy I think! Love your blog!!!

  2. The UK is fabbo. My sister lives in London and we go almost every year (I miss her terribly). The shopping is heaven, the food inexpensive (Australia is horrendous in that way) and the culture phenomenal. Let me know if you need any tips and hints. We stay in apartments when we go – so much more room for the kids to play.

    K xx

  3. Yes, I have an electrolux vacuum ergorapido I think it’s called. It’s good and handy. Battery life is terrible so you can only have it for short burst and in addition to your primary vacuum.
    Tonight I’m alone. Husband going to Gosford to watch a league soccer game. I want to drink wine but I’m pregnant!!! Annoying!

  4. Show us yer pan Bev, or I’ll stand in Myer in the Raco Aisle thinking “Is it this one, or is it that one…”

  5. We invested in an iRoomba robotic vacuum cleaner, love it! I put the chairs up, switch it on and away she goes, once done, she takes herself back to the docking station to recharge. Yes, we call it she, actually we named her Rosie after The Jetsons robotic housemaid. Pork in the Weber and a glass or 2 of red for us tonight.
    V x

  6. The family I worked for last year (as a governess for their twins) had a stand-up Electrolux, and as I cleaned the schoolroom I fell head over heels in love! My husbo just bought me a Dyson for Christmas but I’m wondering if one of those nifty quick stand up suckers are in order also…or those robot things? Thoughts on that? Very Jetsons, wondering if it would actually work…

  7. Ha, we are going to the UK in just under a month, and this time I am going to make sure I see Pemberley – or at least the one that was in my definitive Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth). We’re going to the Peak District, so I just had to google its actual location. It’s not Chatsworth, though I want to see that one too! Haven’t snuck into Downton Abbey yet, but I stress the yet!!
    We’re off to a housewarming this evening, with the kids in tow, and have just got in from a huge 6th birthday – those Macedonians know how to throw a party!

  8. Anonymous says

    Dont get the Electrolux, get the Hoover Freejet. I have had 2 electrolux egorapido and their motor always dies just after the 2 year (I think) warranty runs out. Happened with both and they just lose their sucking power. The Hoover Freejet has heaps more power.
    Rebecca S.

  9. Dont get the electolux go the HOOVER!!you wont regret it!!!Love mine

  10. I might be going to Downton in May when I Trip the Light Fantastic on my Garden Tour Thingamy.

    Someone needs to lock Julian Fellowes in an attic and force him to write another novel- if you haven’t read his 2 books you should Run Not Walk. And I do luff the way his wife always wears white turbans. So chic. Fingers and Toes Downton will go on for YEARS.

    I am baking bread, making tarts, ironing and sorting out my shoe cupboard.

    It’s rainy so seriously what else is there to do? x

  11. Gibbergunyah says

    I do have a (red) trench coat which is currently quite wet due to a soggy Robbo Show. You were driving out the gate as we were walking out so you may have seen it looking scruffy. It was time to go, wasn’t it? Congratulations to Daisy. We might enter a saucer of flowers next year.. That or a plant in a gumboot. Luckily for me Mr.2 isn’t keen on craft.

    I DO have a Dyson rechargeable vacuum and it is the love of my life. Perfect for quick clean ups after little peeps. Will Instagram it. My Vileda Promist mop is the mop equivalent of the vacuum. Together they are tops.

  12. Anonymous says

    Dyson have a new standby up one too that I have my eye on. My aunts have a swivel sweeper fro danoz and swear by it.

  13. We call it a dust buster and it has changed my life. I’m evangelical about them. Also my kids live using it so they happily vacuum up any mess. I am thinking of getting them one each for Christmas.

  14. Caroline C says

    My Ergo Rapido also died so back to the dustpan and brush for now.
    Am a huge Daily Mail fan….keeps me in touch with things going on back home….well that’s my excuse anyway. My husband thinks it’s the biggest pile of trash, however I often see that it’s open on the IPad so I know he is really a closet fan!
    Made your Asian chicken mince last night- delish!
    A quiet eve at home for me, glass of wine and Beverley on the cards…love it!

    • Rob is always looking over my shoulder too. Usually because I am scoffing so loudly at the articles…love it! Glad you liked the chicken, enjoy BEVERLEY x

  15. In Poland Spring is coming! I was waiting for the spring sun, and here it is. I love London very much. The mix of culture, the architecture along The River Thames. You have to visit Camden Town. Food is awful! Have a nice weekend.

  16. Chatsworth is wonderful. Make sure you look around all the gardens too, the kitchen garden and orangery were my favourites. The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (Mother of the present Duke of Devonshire who is the current M’lord) is Debo Mitford. Her sister (Nancy) wrote some fantastic books that are semi autobiographical about their family in the years in which Downton is set. Do yourselves a favour and read them all. The first is “Love in a cold climate”. It has to be my favourite book of all time.

    I just re-read my comment and I sound a little obsessed, oh well. Enjoy

  17. No, no, no – you NEED the Dyson handheld cordless chargeable vacuum cleaner. It is not just a vacuum cleaner, it is a Way of Life (caps necessary here). I use it four times a day and I would marry it if I could My sister has the Electrolux and spends a great portion of her days wishing she had the Dyson (true story).
    ps: I do not work for Dyson, nor am I in any way affiliated with Dyson. I just really love that sucker.

  18. Anonymous says

    I’ve got an Electrolux ergorapidio. It’s ok- quiet, quick and easy but does run out of suction very quickly. I have a dyson as my regular big vacuume and it is so great that I’ll be saving up for a dyson equivalent of the Electrolux when I have to buy a new upright one.

  19. Thanks for the inspiration. I was wondering what me and my little girl were going to have for lunch and before I had even finished reading this post I had a batch of mini quiches in the oven! Flavour combo of spinach cooked with onion and garlic and sumac, mushrooms and some left over roast chicken. If you haven’t got onto Sumac then you must – it’s divine with just about everything but especially love it with some sauteed spinach, garlic and onion, then spread some thick yohgurt on some crusty bread and add the spinach mix on top. Oh and I can’t get Kale here in the Middle East but made the kale chips with spinach the other night and just as good! Sprinkling of sumac on top to finish them off. Yep I’m in love with Sumac!

  20. I do have a trench and I LOVE it! I would marry it if I weren’t already committed to Daddy R.
    I don’t wear it enough.

    What is this Electrolux you speak of?
    Is it like a dust buster?

    And I can’t believe you have finished the season!
    I think I have three more episodes. I will savour them!

    Congratulations to Daisy!

    • It’s like a stand up dust buster thingy that sits in a charger…has a swivel head etc and is good for in between vacuums…oh my STARS Caitlin, you just wait for those last 3 eps. Delightful.

  21. I had a hoover freejet and thought it was a piece of junk! Biggest waste of $200. First it broke the first time I used it when it fell over on it’s stand up base. Then the shop replaced it. But then I just found it had no suction power! We have floorboards, and a cat. I am a fanatical floor woman. After vacuuming there would still be cat hair everywhere. And in our kitchen we have tiles and it could not suck a crumb of that teeny clumping clay cat litter (we’re talking a piece about 1 cubic mm, maybe 2 cubic mm tops) off the tiles.

    I went back to my Oates enviro dusting/mopping floor mop. Comes with the dry orange pad and the mopping blue pad (and you can buy refills) from Coles. I have been using for about 3 years and nothing beats it if you have floorboards. It is so quick to whip it out and whip around, light, gets under everything. The downside is you have to remove the dust/hair etc clumps from the pad but it has become second nature to me: I brush it with my little brush&shovel set brush straight into the outside rubbish bin.

  22. I have it!!! I keep it in the pantry and just empty it out after I use it. The house is much cleaner and it stores so easy. Best purchase ever.

  23. So when you are over in the UK doing the Downton Thing, say hello to Mr Bates because I think he is wonderful!!

  24. Tell me more about the Electrolux.. my hand held Dyson is dying a slow death.. well it still works ok but battery is shot and only last 2 minutes the needs 30 mins re charge!

  25. Anonymous says

    You should read “Lady Almina, the real Downton Abbey” which is written by the current Countess of Carnarvon and talks about Lady Almina who was a Rothschild and used her money and energy to save Highclere House. Love the look of those quiches!

  26. I had the Electrolux. Thought I would love it and want to marry it. But alas, things didn’t work out. I sold it due to crap suction. I’d go the dyson fur shur.

  27. Oh my. Love Michelle. And that trench. Yep, I own one, and it’s ready for autumn/winter.

    Love those mini quiches. Yes, the secret is the teflon coating!


  28. I love this post! You’re “you” in there. As it should be xx

  29. You are queen of the ‘bits & pieces’ post. Enjoy your Sunday evening Beth x

    PS. I would like Michelle’s trench, bag and shoes…

  30. The re-chargeable Dyson Animal is the business. I have a dog that sheds incessantly, plus a messy 4 year old and an even messier 14 month old. I use the Dyson Animal daily as it is just so much easier than dragging out the big “proper’ Dyson. Love love love it!

  31. I freaking love Michelle Williams’ shoes in the above pic. Love them.

  32. Love your Miscellaneous posts Beth, please keep them coming. Keeps me in the loop of lots of things I don’t know about or hear about over here … gorgeous picture by Daisy too, well done on the 1st place 🙂

  33. Just had to say thanks for that quiche recipe! I think I had one of those the other day and they were delicious. Can’t wait to try it. I enjoy reading your blog

  34. Just demolished (too many) mini quiches, thanks for the dinner inspo – mine don’t look half as good as yours (*adds stick free pan to shopping list*) but they’re going down a treat with a glass of sav blanc for an easy Friday night dinner 🙂

  35. I had an Electrolux ergorapido. I wouldn’t recommend it. It was handy for vacuuming up small areas rather than dragging out the big vacuum and I liked that it was bagless. However, as a few have said before me, it doesn’t hold its charge. And it dropped crumbs and other little particles when turned off and held vertically (like when you’re putting it back on the stand), so I’d end up getting the dustpan out anyway…


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