Just call me Bev: Pork Belly

It’s just not right that when you scan through my list of recipes that there is not ONE pork recipe on there. And I call myself a pork lover! This is not my normal pork belly recipe but it’s one that I made up on a Friday night with a G & T and two wines under my belt. I usually use rhubarb & apple underneath and wine and local pork from my butcher, but I’ll blog that another time.

Bev’s (not normal but still delicious) Pork Belly
: 500 gram piece of pork belly (dead set under $7 from Woollies)
: 4 potatoes (skin on because why would you both peeling it?)
: 1 pink lady apple (because that’s all I had in my fruit bowl)
: Thyme
: Packet baby spinach (lazy option)

: In your roasting pan half potatoes, quarter apples, lay down sprigs of thyme, drizzle olive oil and salt and pepps

: Score your skin of belly and drizzle with oil and LOTS of salt, less pepper

: Whack in a HOT oven (200 degrees or above) for 20 mins then turn down to 150 for say 90 mins then another 10 or 15 at the end back up high

: Hello lover!

: Rest that pork (I wrap it in foil) and then empty that pack of baby spinach into the hot pan

: That’s right, why not soak up all those porky juices?

: Toss around until wilted then whack tates, spinach and apples onto plate

: Cut that bastard into two and serve the SHIZ out of it

: Yuh huh. And? Less than $5 a serve. Not healthy, but TASTY


  1. When you write your recipe book, please write it like this! Especially the part about the G&Ts!

  2. Not healthy but tasty- that’s the way I like to roll as well!

  3. Hey there was fruit and Veges that’s healthy in my book!!

  4. I luff pork belly, it Porktastic in its Glory.

    I bake mine on unpeeled cut apples and onions and I line my baking tray in alfoil and baking paper so you don’t even have to wash your pan.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Pork belly is a fav in this household too, cooked on a bed of leeks, carrots and fennel. Blasted to get the crackling happening, then add white wine and sherry vinegar to the pan, cover with foil and cooked slowly for a few hours, the veggies are almost as good as the pork.

  6. *makes Homer Simpson drooling noises*

    Sounds and looks bloody beautiful, Beth. As do the recipes in the comments! Yum yum yum. We’re all well and truly ‘porked’. 🙂

  7. Yummo!! We’re having a roast tonight. Think I’ll throw some spinach leaves in with the spuds too. They are our new favourite food, and they look so great in your photo, all green and glossy!

  8. holy smoke, that look AMAZING, and simple! Fuck, I totes have to get me some pork belly tomorrow! Thanks so very much for sharing! x

  9. I am SO making this tomorrow night. That and some housework today and I will be “wife of the year”…….at least in my house !

  10. Looks delicious and simple to make. Might try a gin and two wines tomorrow night. G. X

  11. Anonymous says

    You are the only other person I know who still uses the phrase “dead set” …. love it! And love the pork belly recipe, however being a 60’s baby (v.early sixties at that), I am more conscious of my health these days. Doesn’t stop me from guzzling the good stuff though ….

  12. Yum that pork belly looks like the business!- know which new recipe I’ll be trying this week:) thanks for the inspiration Beth.

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