Monday meal ideas: a chilli kick

Whilst the calendar is telling me that Spring will be here later in the week (how?!) it most definitely feels like winter here this morning (felt like -4.5 when I was first up this morning) and yesterday afternoon we even got a small snow shower! What better way to warm up then to add a decent hit of chilli to all your cooking this week. Here are some of my favourites.

Fried Dumplings
Chilli tuna dip with dukkah
Chilli prawn linguine
Chilli & coconut roast chicken

How’s your week ahead looking? Mine is very OUT of the ordinary with a trip overseas! I’m flying up to the Gold Coast tomorrow night before flying out to Singapore and then onto the Maldives for a week to check out Scoot Airlines and Club Med. I’m heading with a group of bloggers (School Mum, Paging Fun Mums, Big Family, Little Income, Organised Housewife) which will be great fun. Can’t wait to share another part of the world with you guys…hope you don’t mind being dragged along in my laptop and camera.

Hope you all have a good week, I think mine is going to be pretty good. Stay warm!


  1. Delighted at the thought of being smuggled out of the country in a laptop or camera!! Here for the kids if you need xx

  2. Take me where ever you want. Love it when WE travel haha. Enjoy yourself and safe travels.

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