I am an egg lover, and will be even more so in a few weeks when the ladies start laying for us. My girls love an egg too so most mornings that’s what we have for breakfast. Sometimes it’s boiled. Sometimes it’s fried. Every time it has to be a goozy (as the girls say). And this morning, for me, it involved fresh asparagus spears dipped in. While they are nothing compared to soldiers dripping in butter, they are a good alternative for a healthy start to the day.

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Just bend the ends of the spears until they snap – that’s where they are fresh.


I’m sure there are better ways to cook them, but for me 2 mins on high in the microwave with a splash of cold water in a low bowl does the trick. Still a bit firm…

E3 E4

Don’t you dare skimp on the salt and pepper just because you are trying to be healthy.

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One of life’s simple pleasures. Like basil and tomato, or haloumi and mint, asparagus and eggs are just meant to go together.

What’s one of your favourite combos?


  1. Why not eat the asparagus raw? Yum!

  2. Again with the breakfast boasting, lol! Toast again for me after what feels like 2 hours sleep. I really like haloumi and balsamic vinegar, especially when it’s done on a BBQ.

  3. I love this! Fools me into feeling like I’ve made hollandaise.

  4. YUM … that egg looks delish … the perfect consistency. But I’d be bad and have the buttery soldiers.
    As for favourite combinations … you just can’t beat potato and leek, or strawberries and chocolate, or corn on the cob and melted butter, or pumpkin soup and sour cream … I could go on and on … but I’m getting too hungry.

  5. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    Mmmmm, I do love a good egg in the morning:) Fave combo? Avo and sweet chilli sauce, poached eggs and barbeque sauce, corn and bacon, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream. Oh I forgot wine and cheese xox

  6. I never used to eat eggs unless they were scrambled but then after a few breakfasts out at caves, I came to love them poached. I have eggs with salmon and avocado as my healthy breakfast. And I love a bacon and egg roll with fresh bread rolls, BBQ sauce or tomatoes relish and cheese.

    A funny thing happened the other day – went to Maccas for breaky. I don’t eat the eggs there – so I just have the sausage mcmuffin. I said to my friend. I don’t eat the eggs at Maccas as I don’t think they are real. The Maccas girl got very passionate, telling me the eggs are most definitely real thank you very much, and got one out of the fridge to show me! Hah! Caught out!

  7. Yuuuuuum!

  8. Yum! I like the idea of having asparagus instead of toast. I eat far too much bread so for me this would be a great alternative. I quite like eggs any style Sunday night for an early and easy dinner. No one feels like cooking Sunday night in our house. So eggs it is!

  9. Last week our beautiful egg laying girls were killed by a dog. We were devastated as my kids thought of the chickens as our pets. So no more fresh eggs for us.

  10. no comment x

  11. Elizabeth Boyle says

    Yum oh! I’ve got to try this! I love both boiled eggs and asparagus. Sounds l me a heavenly combination. Thanks!

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes they are made to go together I love asparagus also ,and i don’t mind an egg for lunch sometimes either!I never skimp on the salt and pepper ever.

  13. Where did you find your egg cups? I feel they are so hard to find these days! Like people have forgotten the joys of a runny boiled egg. I can’t go past the combination of fresh sourdough bread and Lurpac butter

  14. In my humble opinion, the egg is the perfect food.

  15. Haloumi and asparagus grilled on the BBQ with a drizzle of good balsamic…with a few glasses of vino (goes without saying really) 🙂


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