Monday meal ideas: A Christmas cornucopia!

In the last Monday meal ideas for the year I thought that I would hit you up with ideas for the big day. Food wise that is. I’m talking the main event. The big lunch. The sides that could go with the big lunch. The drinks to serve with the big lunch. ALL OF THE THINGS.

PicMonkey Collage

Brussel sprouts (side)
Make ahead ahead gravy (side)
Slow cooked lamb (main event)
Slow cooked pulled pork shoulder (main event)
Croatian peka (main event)
Strawberry & lemon curd pavlova (dessert)
Christmas fruit cake (lead up snack)
Lebanese fattoush salad (side)
Whole baked salmon in salt (main event)

Some other ideas that could work (not pictured):

Mojito (essential holiday cocktail)
Raspberry prosecco (essential holiday cocktail)
Salmon en croute (main event)
Norweigan Christmas cake Kransekeke (dessert)
Mango & Prawn salad (entree)
Pork Belly (main event)
Thai chilli roast chicken (main event)
Risoni salad (side)
Lamb roast (main event)
Twice marinated lamb (main event)

Do you have your menu planned for the big day?

We are going to be a travelling circus on the big day. Breakfast at home then in the car to Sydney for morning drinks, then lunch at Mum’s in Gladesville and then up to my Dad’s at Pearl Beach for the evening. I feel tired and full just thinking about it. Good luck this week. I think I’m counting down the hours until Wednesday afternoon…


  1. thanks beth1 … have to love these organized girls! … because I’m not!
    sure to pick up something with osmosis!
    I won’t ask is the baby here yet?!?!?
    lots of love m:)X

  2. We are hosting (the 2nd year in a row) – because this year the pool is finished – hooray! Keeping things super simple by allocating who is bringing what, which will result in a fabulous buffet style lunch of ham, turkey, prawns, oysters, cheese, salads, fresh bread, dessert and plenty of champers. Merry Christmas, gorgeous. x

  3. When you get to the beach, go to the point past baths. Sit and watch the water wash over the very miniature blow hole there and breathe deeply. Count the flashes from Barrenjoey light house for a while and just relax.

  4. Salmon en Croute is getting another run this year. It was a hot favourite last time I made it. So impressive. So easy!

  5. We are hosting but only part catering. We do the whole bring a plate thing (I’m OCD though so everyone is assigned a plate to bring, one person BBQ Chickens, another a salad, another a dessert etc) so the menu is bare bones and we see on the day what we are having!!!
    Thank you though, I have just pinched your Fattoush recipe for my salad contribution!!!

  6. Those look amazing! Trifle is the main event dessert in our house.
    We’re hosting breakfast with my family then helping my mother-in-law with lunch at her place.

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