Monday Meal Ideas: Winner chicken Dinner!

Good morning friends from the chilly and dreary Southern Highlands. We have had a very cold weekend with a freezing wind and this morning, a little rain. The central heating AND fire is roaring this morning as I sit huddled under a blanket in the darkness before the kids wake up.

This morning they are off bright and early to Sydney on the train – they have their Opera House performance tonight and given that Rob has been away we are treating the family to a night in Sydney. Rob and Mags will chill while I do the girls and the concert. I am looking forward to escaping the arctic weather, even just for a day.

Other than that it’s business as usual as Rob is back from his trip OS, so we can finally settle in for some normal, quiet family time after a crazy month of travel for both of us. I’m sure some of these dinners will hit the table this week: simple, mid week dinners that feature that staple that is always in our fridge at least: chicken.

Marion’s Lemon Chicken
Julie’s Hoisin Chicken
Jamie’s Sticky Kicking Chicken
Beth’s Quesadillas

I hope that you all have a great week ahead – stay warm and well – I have my cold BACK again after a few days of finally feeling better. Coughing and spluttering all night long…wish it would go away! Maybe this week will be my week to kill it off.

Have a good week friends x


  1. I made the Hoisin Chicken tonight and everyone LOVED it…. so quick and easy and delicious, thank you Beth!

  2. I learned to calm the night long coughing when I have been ill by taking a vacuum flask of tea with honey and lemon to bed with me. Just sip the tea every time you wake up coughing. Game changer.

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