Just call me Bev: Quesadillas

Back when I was cool and relevant and lived in Darlinghurst when I was just a girlfriend, maybe even a fiance, Rob and I would trot these out all the time. It was one of those lunches you would eat in the late afternoon, after we had had breakfast at a cafe, then home to have sex, read the papers and even a nap. Because that was so exhausting. You would wake hungry, want to eat something before heading off to the pub for an afternoon session with no real plans, nowhere particular to be, no one to answer to, but ourselves and our immediate desires. I don’t miss those days at all. Ahem.

Last Saturday we had them for lunch, but the only thing in common was um, nothing, except that we made them. They are delicious, easy and pretty healthy too.

Chicken Quesadillas
2 Chicken breasts
Red capsicum
Red chillis
Bunch of coriander
Salt & pepps
Tasty cheese
Flour tortillas

: Chop up the shallots and capsicum into small dices and finely chop the coriander

: Chop the chicken in the same small size and pan fry. Season with plenty of salt & pepper and when cooked set aside

: Fry up the capsicum, shallot and coriander & chilli until softened and season with a little tabasco for extra kick (and for the non kids version). After a few minutes toss the chicken back in and check flavouring for more salt or pepper (or chilli) needed.

: Into a fry pan put the tortilla in over a high heat and on one side spoon in some mixture. Top with tasty cheese and extra coriander. Then flip over the other side to cover the mix so you have a half moon. Turn the moon over the cook the other side of the tortilla.

: Cut and serve immediately

: If I was a food stylist and not a normal person who was starving hungry with a little person pulling at my top asking me for a drink, I would add a sprig of coriander and a lime wedge. But I’m not. You get the drift right? Enjoy!


  1. Today I took my children to McDonalds. It was gross. We are never going back again, or until we forget how bad it was. I could have done this! Why didn’t I do this?

    • You didn’t do this because it involved cooking. No matter the grossness, sometimes McDonalds is the answer. No cleaning, cooking involved and a thin, tasty chip. Next time love, next time!

  2. We are having this for dinner tonight now. Thanks Bev! X

  3. Can I just point out that you are still cool and relevant? Just a different kinda cool and relevant, that’s all – but no less so.

    This looks yum. I do a similar version with mushrooms, cheese, kidney beans and coriander with LOTS of chili. But this looks delish!

  4. Oh i love quesadillas…thanks for your recipe! And by the way…you took me back to the past with your first paragraph and i DO miss it, LOL!!! Thanks for the memories…i forgot i use to read the whole paper and nap from the sheer exhaustion of it!

  5. huzzah! totes having these for dinner tonight – my last homecooked meal before i jet off on holidays…thanks bev, you know i rate you!

  6. Yum. Making these Bev! X

  7. Ah quesadillas. You complete me.

  8. yum – thanks, you really do inspire our meals!

  9. I used to live in Darlinghurst, with my boyfriend (now husband), and my Sundays were just as you described. Memories – thanks for bringing them back – such good times. We’d often go to Una’s for breakfast and read our papers. I miss doing uninterrupted leisurely pursuits. I used to be so great at them.
    Bev you never cease to impress.

  10. Oh Bev…miss those days too…sigh…love my life now too …its just very different…that looks yum xx

  11. You know the slack-arse way too yeah?

    Left over roast chook or a bbq chook
    tomato – diced
    capsicum – diced
    onion or shallots – finely sliced
    some jalapenos – optional

    Shred chicken, toss with everything else, spoon onto the tortilla and cook as you do.

  12. I like mine with giant dollops of sour cream on top.

    now i am hungry.

  13. Yum, Inmade home made sushi today with my new sushezi.. OMG is was sushezi!!

  14. We ate this tonight. Fucking awesome xxx

  15. But you ARE cool!! I’ve seen her new hair!!

  16. Yum – we had these Fri night instead of our usual takeaway and LOVED them. Thanks!

  17. This dish looks yummy going to try it, love your blog & love you on twitter

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  18. Thanks to Mrs Woog for sharing on IG tonight. I hunted this recipe down!
    I have a clear vision for dinner tomorrow night.

  19. Just made these tonight. Had to make them twice coz they were such a big hit. Yummmmooooo

  20. I haven’t read this post before and I just laughed and laughed and laughed.

    They do grow up you know (children) and then before you know it, you are back doing the lazy café mornings, late lunch and afternoon drinking sessions with friends, laughing about early morning sex with ahem older, wiser and flabbier bodies…

    Thanks for the recipe and the laughs xx

  21. A brilliant, crowd pleaser Beth. Made them in the sandwich press so I could do two at a time to feed the hungry hoardes. Yummy!!! Thanks for helping me get out of the recipe rut with your great back catalogue of recipes.


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