Monday meal ideas: School holiday cooking

Here we are in School holiday time again. We missed last holidays because they were tacked onto our big holiday so I am REALLY looking forward to spending 2 weeks at home, lots of puppy play and time outside. We have no real plans, no trips away (as DnA is on and we have lots of planning to do) and a new puppy so we will mostly be home. That means time to cook – time to do things that take a little longer, time for cocktails just because and time for some baking. Happy holidaying to those of you who can enjoy them. And for those working…good luck with the juggle and for those working at home (like me) may the force be with you!

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Here are some recipes for you to enjoy!

Lemon Delicious Pudding
Rosemary lemon syrup vodka cocktail
Corn fritters
Slow cooked lamb



  1. YAHOOOO! I am looking forward to slower mornings, no uniform ironing, more baking and no homework!! I love me some school holidays – until the kids start to drive me nuts and I beg for school to return haaaa.
    Happy holidaying Beth.

  2. Those corn fritters look delish! Hope you enjoy your school holidays 🙂 (mine isn’t school aged just yet so every day is school holiday…not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing just yet!!).

  3. Just caught up on your blog….its been a while!!! I missed it. Love reading every time. xxx

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