Monday meal ideas: Fish

I am getting better at putting fish into our menus. I was scared of it for the longest time, but really, if you get fresh fish it needs very little prep, not much cooking and you are good to go. Here are some ideas for getting fish on your plate this week:

PicMonkey Collage2

Tina chimichurri & chips
Salmon en croute
Moroccan spiced salmon
Salmon one pot wonder

Happy cooking!


  1. We’re going the salmon tonight! Monday is my run-around-like-a-mad-woman-and-get-alot-of-shit-done day. So I need a quick easy and healthy dinner to pop out for the fam. And I gotta say – I’m super impressed with Aldi’s salmon fillets.
    Have a great week Beth.
    C x

  2. We now eat seafood 3 times a week (meat twice & vegetarian twice) & whilst it’s sometimes hard to get it past the kids, I’m finding more & more amazing recipes out there & will be trying these ones too! Thanks for sharing & yay for yummy, healthy fish! xx

  3. With a hubby is thinks he’s allergic, had a lip swelling incident with Oyster sauce, we never have it, but I LOVE fish… and feel my kids are missing out. Might just try a fish pie for us and hubby can have baked beans!

  4. Yum, thanks for those suggestions. If you’re wanting something with more veg but looks impressive, make a giant nicoise salad on a platter (lettuce, blanched green beans, tomatoes, cooled boiled potatoes, boiled egg, olives) (I add avocado because its yum) and flake some grilled salmon over it. Make a dressing and enjoy.

  5. I need to try harder with fish. I too have been scared of it, although I love eating it.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love fish and we do have a freezer full of fresh caught fish from my son and hubby’s last fishing trip I try and have it once a week but would really like to make something different with it!

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