Monday meal ideas: seafood

Somehow it’s afternoon already?! How was your weekend friends? We had a reasonably quiet one – the weather was misty, dark and cool all weekend with a little rain (certainly not the amounts we were lead to believe though). And now here we are at Monday again? Bluergh…I am NOT feeling it.

I really need to stop shovelling bad food in my mouth, it’s putting me in a foul mood, the pants are getting tighter and I swear I am just generally feeling lethargic and bluergh. I’ve decided it’s time to get some fish and seafood into us this week…all those good oils might be just the spark I’m looking for.

Here are some ideas for getting some seafood on your plate this week.

PicMonkey Collage

Salt & Pepper Squid
Pot of Mussels (I could do without the chips!)
Salmon one pot wonder
Chilli prawn linguine

I hope you guys all have a good week, I’ve got a thunderous cloud over me, not sure why but I’m struggling to move beyond it…here’s hoping I do! Have a good one x


  1. Take care of yourself. Hope the cloud lifts soon. I feel a bit the same.

    I’ve been thinking about your squid recipe for weeks now (it looks delish) and now I’ve finally got hold of some potato flour – had to go to Chinatown to find it!

  2. I hear ya Re shovelling bad food Beth. I was exactly the same. Feel shit look shit eat shit. There is not a carb that exists I couldn’t devour. I’ve started the Sam Wood 28 thing though cos I finally got jack of being a lardarse, complaining about the baby weight when she’s now 14 months. And I’ve lost 2.8kg in 2 weeks but more importantly feel less like a lardarse. Slowly slowly catchy monkey. But not eating him. You’ll find your own way. In the meantime, you’re gorgeous xx

  3. I’m just eating a lot however I’m not moving enough to compensate. It’s cold outside and I only go out when I have to. I go out in jeans and when I get back to the house, I’m straight back into the stretchy pants.

    I hope your day has improved. I’ve just had my first glass of wine and that tends to improve everything. Mrs D x

  4. I am eliminating anything I could be allergic to … detoxing!!!
    I love anything to do with seafood!
    these look great! thanks beth!
    be kind to yourself! love m:)X
    look at your gorgeous baby over on insta! … so adorable!x

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