Monday meal ideas: Family Chicken Classics

Whilst I am WISHING that the foggy start to the day was another weekend day we missed somehow, it is well and truly Monday and we are staring down the barrel of week. Of school and after school activities, of playdates and work and meetings and volunteer commitments. Why can’t we all just hide on the couch and watch the Oscars I ask you?

Here’s some mid week classic cooking for you using that stalwart that is always sitting in my fridge, week in, week out: chicken. All these recipes are firm family favourites around these parts…make them some of yours too!

Chicken & Veggie Soup
Buttermilk fried chicken
Chicken Cacciatore
One pot wonder chicken & chorizo bake

I hope that you all have a great week my friends. Hope the garden gets a drink, you get some down time, the children sleep, the bills are few and far between and money and jobs are plentiful. Not much to ask is it? In between all that, there is always food! Glorious food!

Have a good one x

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