Monday Meal Ideas: meatless Monday Inspo

Good morning from a freezing cold week 9 of term 2 where things are a little sluggish. My goodness I actually hit snooze two times this morning and that NEVER happens! After a fabulous long weekend with my mates up at the beach where it was warm and the demands from anyone were VERY low I am feeling the need for some school holidays again…lucky for Daisy that starts at the end of this week and for the little two, at the end of next week. Bring on some slower days and time to rest I say – this term has been a KILLER.

Time to get back on a better regime of eating and less drinking (especially after that weekend I just had) so there will be walking, and lots of vegetables. Here are some ideas for you for the week ahead:

Roasted hasselback pumpkin
Potato Rosti 
Vegetable bowls with crispy chickpeas
Potato salad (just leave off the bacon, but would you?)

What’s on for you guys this week? I hope whatever it is you have a good one, stay warm and safe, may your washing dry and your children sleep well and not give you too much grief. If you have holidays starting, YAY! If you have another week like us, dig deep. Have a good one friends x


  1. Hold up. School holidays?? I’m not ready!

  2. Last week of school here in QLD. Feels like the term has been 43 years long. Heading to see friends for a week. Haven’t seen them since the 13th of March JUST before SHIT GOT REAL. Your weekend away looked IDEAL. I think you’d like this cake, Bev. I made it and work people sang my praises and I love pleasing people with baking xx

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