Monday Meal Ideas: The humble sausage & chorizo

The quality of sausages over the years has vastly improved and now even the supermarket has a huge range of sausages that are available to us. No longer is it just about a banger – there are spices, taste combos that our grandmothers wouldn’t believe. I always cook with sausages as they are cost effective, you can mix up the flavour combo to whatever you are cooking with, and of course they are versatile: being used in so many different ways.

Here are some of my favourite ways and recipes I use weekly that you might like to try this week ahead. It looks like the weather will be turning COLD in the next few days so comfort will be called for!

Spicy baked risotto with chorizo
Miss Rabbit’s chorizo soup
Sausage pasta
Pork & chorizo sausage rolls

How is your week ahead looking? We have all three girls back at school this week (Daisy today and the other two on Wednesday) which makes me sad and happy (if that’s possible). happy that there will be routine and focus but sad the holidays are over and that we are all still at home trying to make it work. There will be tears and struggles with it all as tiredness sets in and we try and find another new normal. Who knows what this term will bring for us all, in the meantime I hope you can stay calm and get back into the swing of things without too much stress for you all.

Good luck! x

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