Family Favourite: Homemade Pork & chorizo sausage rolls

We had some friends popping in on their way from Canberra to Sydney a few weeks ago and while they probably just wanted a cuppa I thought I show them my best country hospitality and do a quick lunch and glass of crisp white before they hit the road again. I mean what would Bev do if she had people popping in? Am I right?!

She’s lay a table, pour a drink, pop the oven on and get cooking and show them how it’s done! I didn’t want to go to too much trouble though so decided on a quick family favourite of ours that are easily made and seem a little bit fancy and like you have “gone to trouble” when really, you haven’t!

I got this recipe originally from Gourmet Girlfriend years ago – I think hers is a bit better than what I do though – and if you really can’t be bothered you know you can do my cheat version of a sauso roll that is just a good quality sauso wrapped in puff. Top with sesame or poppy seeds – even dukkah and you are good to go!

These are my smaller sized ones (using a good pork & fennel sauso) that get a run at most events I host.

You can make these big or small and freeze them at the stage that they are wrapped and cut and pull them out for emergency easy dinners. I made them a big size for lunch for our visitors as well as a salad and a crisp glass of riesling: a simple an delicious lunch!

Pork & Chorizo Sausage Rolls

500 grams pork mince
2-3 chorizos (skin off)
2 cloves garlic minced
Zest of 1 lemon
Handful of stale sourdough (or any bread)
Handful flat leaf parsley
Frozen puff pastry sheets
Egg wash

1. Into a food processor throw in all the chorizo and pulse (so there’s a little texture to them) and take out

2. Put in the bread crumbs, garlic, lemon zest and parsley and blitz until finely chopped, then add in the pork mince for another quick blitz then the chorizo back in (if you had the chorizo in the whole time it would be too small and I like a bit more chunk and texture.

3. Roll out the frozen sheets until they are defrosted cut in half and add in the mixture then roll and chop into whatever size you like and place on a lined baking tray

4. Brush with egg wash and then sprinkle with your topping and place into a hot oven (like 180-200 degrees until golden brown and eat immediately

[gmc_recipe 27598]

What’s your go-to easy lunch for those unexpected pop ins?
What’s your favourite kind of sauso roll?


  1. Yes, you are so right and Bev would totes approve! Thanks for sharing another wonderful recipe. Nigella had better watch out as that domestic goddess title might not be hers for much longer,

  2. I think there’s a typo in step 3 “….add in the picture…”? When I figure it out, I’m making these! Love your recipes!

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