Sunshiny Autumn mornings & date scones

How’s this autumn weather at the moment? At home it has been SO good (despite a little extra wind yesterday blowing some cooler temps our way) but for the next week it’s all sunshine, blue skies, warm days of 15 degrees and cooler at night. Ideal conditions for growing gardens, washing clothes and what else but a spot of morning tea?

I was texting Mum back and forth last night as she had caught up with Aunty Tricia (of Ginger Fluff and Anne fame) yesterday for a ladies lunch. She mentioned to me that Tricia’s sister (#annefromBallan) had recently made lemonade scones but had tweaked them somewhat with the addition of dates, and swapping the lemonade for ginger beer. Sounded pretty good to me. She also mentioned that she was coming this way to visit Dottie, so I suggested that I would give #annefromballan ‘s date scones a roll and bring them over for morning tea. Hevs!

You would recall my controversial method for lemonade scones. 3 ingredients that are so simple and work a treat every time. Controversial in their method (especially around these parts), but they are my go-to for a quick and easy bake that everyone loves. These date scones are just as easy and well worth trying…YUM!

Anne from Ballan’s Date Scones

(This would make 12 big scones or 24 smaller ones like I like to have them)
4 cups self raising flour
250 grams chopped and pitted dates (I blitz in the food processor)
300 mls thickened cream
300 mls ginger beer

Jam & cream to serve

1. Finely chop half a pack (250 grams) of pitted dates. I throw them in the food processor because I am #notbovvered but you can chop by hand if you like

2. Into a large mixing bowl add in the self raising flour, the cream, the dates and the ginger beer

Because my measuring jugs all seem to have lost their measurements I threw in the 300mls of thickened cream and then just filled up the same cream container with the ginger beer so I knew I had the same amount.

3. Mix roughly by hand before tipping out onto a well floured bench (it will be quite sticky) I added another handful of flour to dry out the mixture a little

4. Flatten down until it’s about an inch thick. Because I don’t always have a scone cutter but most definitely always have a champagne glass on hand, I dipped a champers flute in the flour and made that the cutter. Cut out until you have used up all your dough, then roll back together and flatten out until all the dough has been used

5. Place onto a baking tray or sheet quiet close together so when they bake they all stick together on the sides and bake upwards (supporting each other)

6. Place into a hot 200 degree c oven for 12-15 mins or until golden brown

I let them cool down for a few minutes before wrapping up in a tea towel, throwing them in the basket with some jam and cream and hightailing it around the corner to Lucy’s place.

The kettle was popped on, the little two ran around in the garden, Grandma held onto Dottie and I served up date scones with lashings of jam and cream for us all.

A perfect Autumn morning tea…if I do say so myself!

[gmc_recipe 21804]

Are you enjoying perfect Autumn weather at your place too?
Have anything for morning tea?
Fab of a date scone? Me too! I ate one every day when I was preggers with Harps (oops)!


  1. Sounds delish! Definitely giving this one a whirl….and baby Dottie with her adorable schmooshy cheeks to kiss thrown into the bargain? Sounds like it was perfect morning ??

  2. OMG yum

  3. I always make lemonade scones! But that champagne flute idea is genius… I usually mash the mixture into a scone like shape with my hands, but now I can get them all uniform. Thank you. Sounds like a very lovely morning tea indeed. I can almost feel that Highland air.

  4. Oh yum!!! Autumnal perfection.

  5. You’ve got me wanting gingerbread cake and sticky date pudding all wrapped up into a scone…but I think I might go some caramel butter of some kind in place of the jam and cream..not sure how exactly but I had praline butter with toasted banana bread just recently and it was pretty damn special #maybeIllbebothered #gingeredscones

  6. Annette Luchich says

    I have also tweaked the recipe using sparkling mineral water and sour cream a handful of grated cheese and some chopped chives – delish with soup.

    I will definitely give the date version a whirl – thanks

  7. you need to go on master chef hun!
    they look the business!
    love m:)X


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