Monday meal ideas: Country classics

Such a glorious winter’s morning here today. It’s cold, but the sun is shining, washing drying in the gentle breeze and #maintenancemonday in full swing. When I thought about country life before we moved here, it looked a little like this.

Here’s some country classics for your baking this week. I am going to try to stop shovelling sugar down my throat (as much as I have the past month or so) but I will be an enabler for you guys!

Date Scones
Date Loaf
Ginger Fluff
Jam Drops

How’s your week looking? After complete madness last week with SO many trips to Sydney up and back and a crazy work schedule I am looking forward to a slightly slower pace and lots of time at home with Maggie. If this sunshine keeps up, I will have the washing pile sorted once and for all. Until the next day right? Hope it’s a good one for you all! x


  1. Hi Beth,

    Just wanted to say that I made your chocolate cake (AKA Ann) on the weekend for my daughters 30th birthday and everyone thought that is was delish. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I read your blog all the time but rarely comment but on this occasion I just had to.

  2. I was already making your date loaf to take to book club on Wednesday ( the book is into the water & I really liked it even though it’s not my usual thing. Just in case you wanted to know or need a book rec ?) but now I’m eyeing off the ginger fluff…..decisions, decisions!!!

  3. i made the ginger fluff cake a coupla weeks ago for a belated combined birthday Sunday afternoon cake scoff… Delish… Next time I will try it with a single layer only and a lemon drizzle icing. Soo good..

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