Tricia’s Ginger Fluff

As a special treat to you I have asked Aunty Tricia if she would be happy enough to share her beloved Mum’s recipe for the AMAZING ginger fluff cake. This cake, you guys, THIS CAKE. It’s magical. Its consistency is fluffy like CLOUDS. Magical, soft, spongey clouds of joy. Tricia is the famous cake maker of the original Anne (making it for our wedding and MANY MANY events over the years) so you know that this cake will be a winner.

Aunty Tricia has been making this for many years and has gifted a fresh whole cake to myself and now to my sister last week whenever a baby is born. And we may or may not end up eating the lot all by ourselves!

I’m thrilled that she has shared this recipe with us…and she’s happy that now she can just go to the blog to get the recipe without having to look it up! Win win.

Aunty Tricia’s Ginger Fluff

4 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup cornflour
1/4 cup Self Raising Flour
1 teaspoon each of cocoa, powdered ginger and cinnamon
1 desert spoon golden syrup (warmed)
300 mls thickened cream (add in 1 tablespoon of sugar to sweeten)

1. Set oven to 180 degrees
2. Grease and line base of 2  20cm round cake tins
3. Beat egg whites until stiff, gradually add sugar then egg yolks.
4. Sift cornflour, SR flour , cocoa,ginger and cinnamon.
5. Fold flour into egg mixture.
6. Lastly fold in warmed golden syrup.
7. Pour even amount of mixture into prepared tins.
8. Bake approx 20 mins mixture will pull away from edge.
9. When cool, join with sweetened whipped cream.
10. More cream on top sprinkle with cinnamon .

[gmc_recipe 21561]

Enjoy my friends! And thank you Tricia x


  1. Its my sons birthday next after 26 years im running out of ideas for birthday cake, this looks mighty promising wit it keep for a day undecorated do you think?

  2. Well i have a day offr tomorrow and this is what i will be cooking!!!! It is just my sort of cake. Thanks Beth.

  3. Sharon Sweeny says

    You had me at fluff. That’s my weekend baking sorted!

  4. Thanks Beth!
    I was very interested in how to make this cake perfection. I’m going to chuck one in the oven today, using gluten free flour..

  5. Jillian says

    Oh I was hoping you’d share! Thanks to your aunty. Do we add the sugar and yolks after the whites are already stiff? Do we beat them in or fold them?

    • Hi Jillian, I actually haven’t made this yet so not quite sure of the order yet…will update the recipe with the way I do it when I try. Sorry!


  7. Ohhhhh Beth and Aunty Tricia thank you so much for sharing. My prayers have been answered. I will definitely be making this quick sticks. Can’t wait to eat it. Do I have to share?

  8. After making your Anne cake two weeks in a row, making room for Tricia in the spreadsheet!

  9. Marnya Watson says

    Oh my lord….how you grabbed my attention with ‘ginger fluff’!!!!

  10. Oh, this looks yummy! Can you tell me what SR flour is, please?

  11. Supernashwan says

    Cyndy: self raising flour.

    Beth: could you add the cream to your ingredient list so I don’t forget it? Also when you say sweetened cream, are we adding a certain amount of sugar to regular cream to do this?


  12. I saw your pic of ginger cake last week, found a recipe and made it last Sunday for my mums 88th birthday!! It was glorious. I put fresh ginger instead of powdered which gave it a great flavour. It even looked like Tricia’s.
    Note to self – don’t open the oven to admire the rising cakes!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Thank you Aunty Tricia, (and Beth)! So glad you have shared the love .

  14. Vanessa says

    I made a ginger fluff last night for my birthday!! Cheers to making your own birthday cake !! And it was delicious!

  15. Yum, I will definitely be giving this a whirl for the crew here. I made a yummy ginger cake with coffee icing the other day and it didn’t even last 24 hours. Thanks Aunty Tricia, you rock!

  16. I made this cake on the weekend and it was amazing! I may have eaten at least half of it myself. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Excellent – love hearing that! I find myself having the same reaction whenever I am near this cake!

    • Any tips? Mine didn’t turn out as high. I thought I had whipped the whites enough. Also quite dry so not sure what I did wrong ?

  17. Just made this (again… 3rd time i think.. only ever make a half batch though) but used dark brown sugar this time, and nixed the golden syrup at the end- dead set easiest meringue I’ve ever made -still get the ginger warmth/ cinnamon hint of cocoa too

  18. Hi Beth, I was just wondering how your Aunty Tricia’s Fluff Cake would go in the “delicious” Gingerbread Trifle for Xmas…?


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