Monday meal ideas: Let there be cake

Good morning! Look! My blog is working! Apologies last week for all the dramas with the blog and not being able to access it – but we are back and running again. I hope! With all the busyness and stress of THAT, it calls for cake. Here’s some of my favourites!

Ginger Fluff
Anne (the best simple chocolate cake)
Sticky apple cinnamon tea cake
Cinnamon doughnut cake

I hope you all have a great week ahead. I’m feeling very tired and a bit like a cold is coming on, so I am going to take things a whole lot slower than I did last week. Look forward to being back online though!


  1. AAH, now I want cake. That cinnamon doughnut cake sounds divine. I bet it smells it too!

  2. I made an Anne for the first time last week and it is hands down the best chocolate cake. Beautifully moist, easy as anything and great texture. thank you. Will cook it next week for work and one of my colleagues is a chef.

  3. That Cinnamon Donut Cake is the bomb ! I have made it a number of times and everyone LOVES it, especially warm !

  4. Huh! Mrs. Woog’s blog was down too.

    Now I want cake… cinnamon donut cake, but we’re at our tiny bolthole cottage, and I need a cake pan.

    • We are all with the same host provider – there were a whole lot of us affected but it! Hope you can get some form of cake soon!

  5. Debbie Screen says

    Welcome back Beth. I was worried and devastated when I kept on checking in with my friend (pssst – that’s you) and she wasn’t there. I’m so relieved to have you back and in such fine form – the Ginger Fluff cake looks just the ticket to take to our family Mothers Day BBQ on Sunday.

    • Not as worried as I was!! A huge relief to be back again – the timing was actually ok though with my event I was flat chat and wouldn’t have had time to blog anyway!

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