High dinner rotation: Sausage pasta

You know how you have those dinners on your weekly or fortnightly rotation that just keep on getting a run? Well, this dinner is one of those. It’s Daisy’s favourite dinner…always it’s “can we have sausage pasta Mum?” and I am happy to make it, it is DEAD simple, hides all kinds of things and will always be eaten.

My step Mum gave me this original recipe a few years ago. Hers was with an Italian sausage, lots of fresh rosemary and it has become this somewhat hybrid version of this now. The great thing is that you can use any sausage. The more expensive/fancier the better as they usually have better flavour in them. You see using the sausage gives you a cheat’s advantage on flavour…all the hard work has been done for you already…all you have to do is add in anything else you want to hide (cherry tomatoes, greens, capsicums whatever) and then the tomato sauce does the rest. As for the dash of cream at the end? Well it just MAKES it. It’s the winning ingredient here that somehow transforms it from a boring tomato pasta dish into something else. Something DELICIOUS.

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Sausage Pasta

6 or so flavoured sausages (tonight I used pork & fennel) but Italian are usually the go
1 onion
2 cloves garlic (crushed)
Sprinkle dried rosemary
Cherry tomatoes/any veggie you want to add in
Greens (I used kale but usually a big load of baby spinach works)
Half a jar of tomato sauce (passata)
Dash of cream
Pasta (we used rigatoni)


1. Finely dice the onion and crush the garlic and then take the skin off the sausages (eeeeeew) I make a cut down the side of the sausage while it’s in my hand and then peel the skin back. You can use whatever method you like although I find the squeeze wastes too much of the meat.

IMG_2551 IMG_2554 IMG_2557

2. Fry off the sausage meat with the onions and garlic and rosemary breaking up with sausage meat with your wooden spoon as you go.


3. Add in whatever veggies you want: usually for us some cherry tomatoes and a handful of green (tonight was kale because it came in this week’s veggie delivery box).


4. Add in the half a jar of tomato sauce (you can add more if you like it to be wetter and more tomatoey)

IMG_2566 IMG_2568

5. Add in the dash of cream..seriously just about a table spoon that doesn’t make it too creamy or take away the tomato flavour.


6. Season with lashings of pepper and a little salt then tip over the cooked and drained pasta.


7. Eat immediately. Be prepared for seconds and enjoy!


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What’s the one dish your kids ask for again and again and again?


  1. My kids always asked for stuffed peppers. I guess you might call them stuffed capsicum. I made them with browned ground beef & onions & some chopped peppers (capsicum), then a can of Campbell’s tomato soup, cooked white rice. Cut tops off five or six peppers, parboil for a bit, stand them up in a casserole and stuff with the mixture. the last part was to push cubes of Velveeta cheese into each stuffed pepper. Sometimes grate a little cheese over, or put some tomato sauce over. Cover and bake at 350 F till bubbly.

    My friend did it an easier way by cutting the peppers in half lengthwise and laying them on a sheet pan, then stuffing & baking. She didn’t parboil the peppers either. Just as good.

    I hated the taste of peppers as a kid, but our boys loved it.

  2. This looks delic and easy. Harry (3 yrs old) is always asking for sausages and in the last couple of months has started eating pasta!! so this will be a win win. Yay! Thanks for this will have to give it a go. My kids are loving my spaghetti and meatballs at the moment. Jx

  3. Tuna pasta in our pad, tuna , sweetcorn, pasta and kewpie mayonaise.. Yummo!

  4. Thanks Beth, a great recipe for those busy weeknight dinners.

  5. Love this Beth! I think you’ve just solved my dinner dish dilemma for tonight, it’s scout night which means having dinner extra early, this will be perfect! Our kids ask for bush burgers a lot, our local butcher makes a great beef pattie known as a ‘bush burger’. Kids love them on Turkish with salad, Zadada and I usually add a generous slice of haloumi too!
    I’m off to buy some tasty sausages!! Have a great day!

  6. Thanks for this! I’m definitely going to give it a go. I have a very fussy three year old who doesn’t eat much but does eat both sausages and pasta. I’m sure she’ll just eat around whatever veggies I add though.

  7. Oooh we used to make an almost identical dish. AC Butchery in Leichhardt make the all-time best snags ever.
    Now, in the land of sand where the snags are subpar we don’t make it.

    My kids always ask for spag Bol or tuna pasta. Always.

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Looks good Beth I will give this recipe a go,thanks for sharing x

  9. Last Friday I put all my favourite sausage recipes together and wrote a snagadelic post. Off to update it to include this one. x


  11. I must be overdoing the frequently used easy recipes at the moment as I got serious eye-rolls and a couple of sighs when I served up Bacon Carbonara last night!! This recipe looks Yummo. Could save me from a ‘what’s for dinner’ uprising!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. This is going into my rotation too – sausages are bound to be a hit!

  13. If releasing the sausage meat from the skins makes you think blergh, why not order some of the flavoured sausage filling from your butcher? It should be similar price per kg as sausages, and it’s less labour intensive for them, but it would need to be ordered. Maybe order a reasonable amount and freeze in meal portions?

  14. I made a similar dish with smoked veggie bratwurst and ajvar (a Croatian relish with peppers, and eggplant and chilli oil. All from a jar of course and really quick. i had some for breakfast the other day as I’m classy like that and came back from the shower to find the cat licking the bowl. Must have been good!

  15. Tried this tonight for dinner and it was delicious! My daughter loved it so much she had seconds. Thanks for the great recipe

  16. Looks great – gotta give this one a go for sure Beth thanks for sharing!

    The one thing my son always wants is my fried rice:)

  17. Oh god anything that makes my fussy four year old eat. The only thing he eats easily without me spoon feeding him is tacos. Fine with me. Has meat. Raw veggies. Takes 5 mins. Done.

    Will deco be trying this one. Sausages make the world better.

  18. Definitely want to try this one…. looks so easy and yummy!! I also have a jar of ajvar in the cupboard, the other half likes it spread on toast for breakfast….. might try adding to this dish….. I may have to have lunch now as this food talk is making me hungry!!

  19. I write this as my 3 young ones are currently on their second helping of this dish. This is such a rareity, so i send you the biggest thanks from me.

  20. Thanks so much for this delicious recipe Beth! My 10 year old son had a homework project to cook a healthy balanced meal – we cooked this together and it was absolutely scrummy! He is normally a bit fussy but loved this all the more because he was the chef! He’s already asked that it be added to our rotation! Winner!

  21. I just saw this after reading your post today – a great idea as I’m so stumped with easy food ideas for my fussy trio. Sadly I’ll just have to scale back the tastiness! Have a great Monday!

  22. Bev! You’re a dead set legend! Without fail, every single one of your recipes cooked at my house practically gets a standing ovation at dinner!! My middle one declared this one most delicious dinner ever, the little one barely even spoke (unheard of) just inhaled a bowl of it. And then my eldest wanted to know where was I getting all these awesome recipes from!!?!
    Well done Bev ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.s I also inhaled fat mole salad earlier today and next up for tmrw is risoni salad to go with our fish. Woot!

  23. We had something very similar last night and I am about to blog the recipe! Our is slightly different, we shall have to compare notes! It’s so yummy!

  24. I am so making this Beth. My kids often demand the sloppy joes my old American au pair taught us to make – recipe on blog and I always look it up on my blog to cook it. The teens can make it too… it has ketchup and brown sugar in it and tonight I gave it to them on soft WHITE rolls, they were in heaven… and that’s rare at our dinner table.

  25. Made your sausage pasta tonight- delicious! We had it with zoodles (shredded zucchini) instead of pasta- it was fantastic!

  26. One of our faves too! http://thepixelchef.co.uk/whats-tea-tommy-sausage-pasta/ I will try adding the greens for that extra health kick ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Thanks for the recipe Beth, it’s delicious! Forgot to buy cream but crumbled some feta on top instead!

  28. This prompted a fairly distinct “more” from my 11 month old. The almost-5 year old looked at it, said “I want plain pasta”; after I bullied her into tasting it she wiped her bowl clean. The carboholic Daddy should be happy when he gets home too. Score!

  29. OMG this was delish. Just made this for my hubby and son and it went down a treat. Thank you for the awesome recipe

  30. Victoria says

    Made this tonight. So. Freaking. Good.

  31. thank god for your today baby -mac. schools back and i can’t be fagged so your monday food ideas is perfect for me today. thanks have a happy one. the sun is full shining today in perth. so happy days x

  32. Madeleine says

    So delicious! Baby Mac your recipes never disappoint. This is the perfect comfort food for a cosy night in. Thanks for sharing!


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