Monday Meal Ideas: Comfort food for mid winter

Oh it is a dreary day here today. Pouring rain all night long with an east coast low sitting over the top of us and  constant rain beating against the windows. Always lovely for a day…a little too much when it’s over 24 hours without a break and flooding starts to occur..and then the septic goes and then we always lose power…you get the drift! We had a glorious pyjama day yesterday enjoying a bunker down by the fire. Lots of food and tea and book reading and TV watching. I made a pot of chicken soup which got me thinking about the joy and comfort that can come from delicious food when it’s cold and wintery so thought I would share some ideas for the week ahead that I’m sure we will have a run of here too…

Slow roasted pork belly
Chicken pot pies
Chicken and veggie soup
Moules with home made chips

How is your week ahead looking? How are you guys down in VIC going? It’s been a depressing week in the news and the reality of so many people getting sick and dying, it’s a lot all round so I hope that you are doing ok. We are getting back into the swing of things with school and sport so I think it’s going to a be a busy week as we tackle all that along with work. Once we get through the next few wet days the sun will be out, the washing on, and on we go, Hope you all stay safe and sane and well, it’s August this week. Somehow. What a shit of a year.


  1. Your last sentence ….. I concur.
    God how much do I love your food posts…comfort from the screen.
    Hope the septic stays ok.

    Denyse xx

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