Monday Meal Ideas: Delicious comforting pastas

I don’t know about you guys, but as soon as it gets cold all I want to do is eat. Carbs preferably. And if there is cheese involved, that’s an added bonus. What better than to combine them all into one big bowl of comfort in the form of pasta? I know I will be trotting out a few this week as we have kids back to school for the first time in many, many weeks.

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni
Tortelleni New York
Ricotta gnocchi with hidden veggie sauce
Tomato sugo pasta

How is your week ahead looking? We have TWO birthdays in the house! Rob on Wednesday and then Maggie on Saturday. We also have the start of the returning back to school…we have both little girls at school on Monday’s and then Daisy starts back two days a week (Tuesday and Friday) of course there isn’t a day when they will all be back together. As if! I’m feeling nervous about all that and I know I am not the only one (hello Maggie I am looking at you, poor little darling who is anxious about being back after so long). It’s going to be a big week – biggest changes we have had in months so we will take it all nice and slow I think.

Hope you guys have a good one too – stay warm and safe and well – we’ve got this x

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