Zucchini recipes

It occurred to me yesterday when I posted about the zucchini chips that you guys might have quite a few zucchinis in your veggie patches at the moment. A summer glut that you need to get rid of.


Thought I would share some of the recipes that I have on here for you because really, how good are they?


Here’s a couple to get you started, although it’s a little hot for soup right now.


Zucchini fritters
Rigatoni with zucchini, lemon & mint
Zucchini chips
Zucchini & Parmesan soup

And then I saw my friend Gourmet Girlfriend put up a link to a recipe she has so I thought I’d go to her blog for some inspiration for you:

Zucchini kofta with Tomato coconut sauce
Zucchini, carrot & haloumi fritters with Chipotle yoghurt
Zucchini linguine

And then I thought let me look at Pinterest and they had heaps!

75 Zucchini recipes that aren’t zucchini bread

And then I thought what about the stalwarts? They would have heaps and they did!

Jamie Oliver zucchini recipes
Nigella Lawson zucchini recipes
Donna Hay zucchini recipes
Maggie Beer zucchini recipes

Plenty of ideas for you to get cooking with your zucchini’s this weekend!


  1. thanks beth lots here! I love zucchini they are soo versatile! love m:)X

  2. Thanks for sharing – I just posted this on facebook for my Aunt – who has just arrived at her weekend property in Bowral to find a glut of zucchinis in their garden.

  3. Love zucchini! I want to try spiralizing it into pasta!

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