Monday meal ideas: What to do with that chicken

Good morning friends! Hope you had a good weekend? We had a pretty quiet one with lots of chores and pottering about the house and then a little play in the afternoons (all done and dusted by 7pm of course!) And this week is the last before the end of the term....bring it on! I will always find … [Read more...]

Family Favourite: Homemade Pork & chorizo sausage rolls

We had some friends popping in on their way from Canberra to Sydney a few weeks ago and while they probably just wanted a cuppa I thought I show them my best country hospitality and do a quick lunch and glass of crisp white before they hit the road again. I mean what would Bev do if she had people … [Read more...]

Monday Meal ideas: Delicious, light, Spring food!

Good morning friends! We've woken to a frosty here this morning, and below zero temps, but it's looking like it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day out there. This time of the year is certainly a rollercoaster isn't it? One thing that I want to try to get consistent about (even though the weather … [Read more...]

Spring entertaining: Ottolenghi’s one pot roast chook with dates & capers

The sun is SHINING here today and promises to do so again tomorrow and it just feels like we've turned the corner on winter. That's a big call around these parts, especially when we have the fire on sometimes into November and even around Christmas some times, but the warm days are here. And they … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Some great cakes

Good morning friends! The sun is shining and we have just put Daisy on the bus for camp until Friday so I'm feeling a little lost really. You know what that means right? CAKE. I will bake a cake today for sure. Here are some of my faves to get you going... Orange cake with candied fennel … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Easy, delicious & quick pasta

Good morning friends. Here we are AGAIN. How does it happen? I had the Sunday night blues baaaaaad last night - it's just that all of a sudden it's Friday night and then you blink and it's Sunday night. How?! HOW I ASK YOU. Anyway, here we are, time to buck up and get on with it. Here's some ideas … [Read more...]

Ever closer: Chewy sultana biscuit perfection

Now you know I have been on the search for the M&S Sultana biscuit look alike since my mate brought me back a packet from London recently. I tried with these a week or so ago, but I wasn't entirely happy with the texture. I got a comment from a reader saying that I should check out Ottolenghi's … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Country Classics

Good morning friends and a very happy Monday morning to you! Hope you all had a great weekend. On Friday morning I was lucky enough to have Sophie from Local is Lovely come and record a podcast at my kitchen bench - what a treat! This series of podcasts from My Open Kitchen are sponsored by the CWA … [Read more...]

Reader recipe: A versatile & delicious Yoghurt Cake

You know what I love? Getting emails from you guys! I get all kinds of ones: requests for recipes or help with cooking or menu planning for a party you might be holding. Asking about taking the plunge for another kid, making a tree change, following up something I posted a while back or just a … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Good green stuff

Anyone else's jeans seem to have shrunk in the dryer lately? Except you haven't been using the dryer? ME TOO. This cold weather winter funk cannot go's time you guys. To put down the custard tart and prosecco and pick up some protein and water. Not likely! Here's some inspiration to get … [Read more...]

Simple & delicious Sultana cookies

My friend Miss Rabbit (a good Yorkshire woman) who I travelled to London with in May got me onto a LOVE of all things M&S when we were there. She has a passion and love for the M&S Onion ring unlike anything I had ever seen and as for the baked goods? Well we tried them all, including the … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: The crunch of a good salad

I always get to this time of winter and feel completely and ENTIRELY over it. Anyone else? Yesterday I looked at the thin layer of ash of everything, dismayed at having to do the fire AGAIN and the chopping and the stacking. I cursed the arctic wind and temperature and looked at the spring blooms … [Read more...]

Get some greens into ya: Spanakopita

God bless Instagram stories for its ability to take me (for waaaaaaaay longer than it should) to beautiful places all around the world, into people's homes and wardrobes, gardens and my all time favourite: THE KITCHEN. One of my good friend's Ruth aka Gourmet Girlfriend is always an inspiration to … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Get some pork on ya fork…oink!

Good morning friends! We have woken to a grey Monday morning (it is SO good to see some clouds and a little drizzle even if it doesn't amount to much) just the change in light from BRIGHT & SUNNY which we have had for months and months and months is good. Thought I would share some of my … [Read more...]

Bitter Orange cake with candied fennel seeds

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked over to a friend's place for coffee after school drop off. The promise of hot coffee, freshly baked cake by a good cook, all at 9.30am in the morning was too good to resist. On a freezing cold but bright and sunny Highlands morning we sat in her beautiful … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Dinner with wraps

Hello again Monday, I am a little slow today after a busy and big weekend...coming off the back of a week without Rob who gets back tonight. It's cold again (after a dead set taste of summer in Queensland it was seriously 26/27 degrees) and there's now the added bonus of AUGUST WINDS that have … [Read more...]

Apple Crumble Slice

The idea for this Apple crumble slice came about last week when we were away at the beach. My brother and sister and law and kids came and stayed for the night and I made a huge batch of apple crumble for dessert and there were lots of leftovers which we got stuck into cold the next day. In fact, my … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: the warmth of chilli

Man is it cold here at the moment. Beautiful, sunny days (that seem endless where is the poor rain for all the farmers?) but freezing (literally) nights and mornings where we churn through the wood and the heating seems to be on endlessly. It's rinse and repeat for weeks on end. So this week I am … [Read more...]

School holiday BAKE OFF

How's the holidays going friends? What's the story with NSW and the rest of the states being so out of tune with each other? Made 78 million platters of food? Me too! I am digging deep as we head into the last few days and you know what I am doing? Baking. Getting the girls to bake. Eating ALL OF … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless Monday

In my nurturing and looking after myself of late I have been trying to eat a little better. I've been drinking LOADS of water (which I struggle with), and getting as many greens into all of us as I can sneak in. We're away this week which will likely mean lazy cooking and eating out more than we … [Read more...]