Monday Meal Ideas: Roasted goodness

Good morning friends! Long time no see, excuse me for my lack of posts over the holidays but I was trying to do just that, have a break! It worked the first week, not so much last week when I was up against it playing catch up and dealing with the shop by myself as Lucy took a break. It’s back to it this morning for Daisy, the little two back tomorrow and routines back into the swing of things. Term 2 is always so full on for us…LOTS of extra curricular activities and sport training, and games Saturdays and Monday nights. It’s a LOT. There’s going to be some significant driving that’s for sure. In any case, we will do it and we will power through these cold and dark months ahead.

Thought that I would share some of roast meals that may get a run this week. They can be thrown in and forgotten about until the last minute and they make excellent leftovers too! These are all loved by the family and will certainly be a welcome smell when they walk in the door cold and hungry.

Perfect Roast chicken
One pan roasted greek chicken with risoni
Slow cooked pork belly 
Roasted pumpkin with chilli and fennel

How is your week ahead looking? I have the two little ones back tomorrow and then it’s ACTION STATIONS. Ortho appointments, hockey games, podiatrists, Duke of Ed Hikes, even an escape to Sydney on Friday…you name it we will be doing it! Bring on Saturday afternoon when we can all collapse! Hope you all survive the week ahead friends x

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