Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless Monday

I’m always trying to start the week out right: a dinner packed with veggies and no meat, no alcohol, lots of water hoping that it sets the scene for the week ahead. Thought I would share some good vegetarian recipes that might get a run at some stage this week.

Vegetarian Lasagne
Halloumi & spinach Gozleme
Corn Fritters
Filo pie packed with greens

I’m still catching my breath from last week which was SO FULL ON as we started back to school and got into the very busy routine of term 2. I think I got to Thursday and was convinced that we had already done weeks back at school, not days. This week the pace should lower…a little…I’m looking forward to some visitors later in the week, lots of Mother’s Day work in the shop and attempting some good eating habits. I always live in hope!

Hope you guys are all well too, if you are lucky enough to have a public holiday today…enjoy! x

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