Monday Meal Ideas: We’re almost through term 1

It’s true you guys…Easter is NEXT WEEK. Somehow?! I can hardly believe it myself! We have a crazy busy 2 weeks ahead of us so this week will be all about food that will be easily prepared and smashed by all with hopefully leftovers for the next day for Rob and I for lunch.

Pork ribs with tomato pasta
Fried Eggplant (good substitution for schnitty)
Lamb wraps & salad
Smoked salmon pasta with chilli & dill

How is your week ahead looking? As I said we have a crazy one ahead for our family…I am actually heading away with some mates for a girls trip (early week though what were we thinking trying to get that in during the madness that is school term) then back Wednesday for a mid week visit with my Dad and then on Thursday it’s our wedding anniversary and we are heading out for another mid week overnighter. So lots of exciting things on for me…will be reporting on it all as this never happens!

Hope you all have a great week friends, stay dry and safe in NSW (especially my {step} mother in law at the farm up on the mid north coast who is being HAMMERED with rain). Stay warm and dry, may your power stay on and your septic pumps strong! X

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