Monday meal ideas: chicken

We recently (FINALLY) have home delivery shopping and for the past month that I have been using it I have been SO excited that I don’t have to find the time to get Maggie to the supermarket for all those bits & pieces that I can’t get from the butcher/fruit & veggie shop. Talk about a game changer! I have saved at least 2 hours from one day of the week…the novelly may wear off but right now I’m still squealing by the fact that the first time I have to touch the groceries is when they are on my bench. As opposed to one ht shelf to my trolley to the conveyor belt to a bag to the car out of the car on the bench and then in the cupboard/fridge.

One staple that’s always in our mid week eating is chicken. I think that’s pretty standard in most homes. Here are some ideas for your chicken that is inevitably on your bench/fridge/freezer.

PicMonkey Collage-2

Jamie Oliver Sticky Kicking Chicken
Sandwich Press Chicken
Chicken Quesadillas
One Pot Wonder chorizo chicken

Hope it gives you some fresh inspiration for your mid week cooking which we know can be soul destroying. I mean, I love cooking, but mid week every day cooking? SUCKS YOUR SOUL DRY.

What’s on the cards for you this week? I have a very busy one indeed. Heading to Sydney for a work thing Tuesday morning then off to Melbourne on Tuesday afternoon for some shooting with the FABULOUS girls from Show & Tell and then a visit to my big sis and other friends in Melbourne before some more blogging stuff on Thursday…home Friday afternoon. Lots of time away from the kids which is always tricky for us all, but lots of good stuff too. It’s going to be a good one I think…time for my brain to think…so I better make the most of it with brainstorming, working and lots of walking.

Hope you all have a great one! Let’s do this.

Anyone else loving their home delivery shopping SICK?


  1. Absolutely love home delivery. You won’t go back. Perfect for mums with a young family and i actually find you can budget better. Sit on the computer, wine in hand an order away. Fantastic idea.

  2. Love home delivery! The only drawback is not being able to shop the random markdown items. Now if I could just convince the delivery guy to come in and PUT the stuff away….

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