Monday Meal Ideas: Mid week family faves

Good morning friends! How are you all? I’m feeling a little weary but excited about the week ahead. We have some big things on with the shop and work and if I could have just had one more day of the weekend I think I would be ready to tackle it all. In any case…let’s do this! I have plans for lots of food packed with veggies for the family. They are all family favourites that the girls will be happy we are having and little will they know how many vegetables are in them. Here are some of the things I can taking inspiration from for our dinners for the week ahead.

Chicken vegetable soup
Roast chook with lots of roasted veggies
Miss Rabbit’s chorizo soup
Chicken fried rice

How is your week ahead looking? Hope that you can get through and tackle it all as it comes to you. Stay hydrated. Eat well, go to bed as early as you can and go and smash it out! That’s what I will be trying to do at least. Let’s do this friends x

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