Monday Meal Ideas: Bubbling brilliance

Good morning friends! How are you? Hope you have all had a great weekend, ready to take on a new week! Me? Well I could really have used another day just to have some downtime as we had a busy weekend with visitors and I feel like it was all over before it even began. But here we are, so let’s do this.

Last week the weather was freezing and what’s better for dinner when it’s like that? Bubbling masterpieces that come out of the oven or from the stove that are pure comfort? That sound when it just simmers and bubbles and smells amazing? THAT is what we are after. Here are some ideas for the week ahead:

Cacio e pepe Potato Bake
Beef braised in beer
Beef & Vegetable stew
Chicken Cacciatore

How is your week ahead looking? We have a whole lot of not much which is FABULOUS including a hockey BYE on Saturday morning which will be SUCH a treat! Literally cannot wait to not have to get up and out the door when it’s freezing. Hope you all have a great week friends x


  1. Annie Pettitt says

    Love your cacciatore recipe! I made it last week. My 8 year old ate it, but said it wasn’t his favourite. The leftovers are going to be for my kid free evenings! Also a good excuse to crack a cheeky bottle of pinot gris!

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