Dinner hack: Schnitty shortcut

During the holidays I made the girls some pikelets for morning tea, it must have been pretty early on to show such caring and wholesome ways, but they were made with quite a bit of leftover mixture leftover in the fridge which I thought I’d use the next day. Later that night I went to make schnitty for the fam (much in the same way I always do which you can see in this post here) and then realised that I had used the last egg in the pikelet mix. Ruh-uh.

But then! I thought if the mixture to crumb the schnitty is flour, egg and breadcrumb and the pikelet mixture is flour, egg and milk then surely I could do a dip and then crumb situation?

So I tried it and you know what? It worked! It totally worked. And ever since then, I have been doing it every time. Saves time, less mess (ish) and good crispy schnitty. SCH-WEET.


So here’s what I do.

I chuck into a bowl (much in the same way I make pikelets: egg, flour (except plain) and milk) and give it a good whisk.

IMG_5430 IMG_5432

Then onto a piece of baking paper (so I can just fold it up and chuck it straight in the bin when I am done with it) the bread crumbs. I usually would use panko but I only had old school Krummies last night which worked too. Next time I make this I am going to try and make up a spice mix to add into the crumbs for a bit more flavour. Not quite 11 herbs and spices but something close to it for extra deliciousness. I mean if you are going to make schnitty, you want it worth your while right?


I then just dip the chicken pieces in for a good even coat and then into the bread crumbs. The baking paper also allows you to bring up the sides of the paper to help coat the chicken using gravity rather than your paws.

It’s a little messy and can be wet and maybe uses a little more breadcrumbs but still? Great result.


I shallow fry in a little Rice Bran Oil and butter (Garlic Lurpak if you don’t mind) and then the entire family smashes a gazillion of them. We had kale chips and carrot sticks on the side but home made chips and salad or ANYTHING works with sweet, sweet Schnitty.

So what do you think? Don’t you love a happy accident?
Is this a thing that actually gets done that I just didn’t know about?
Got any good hacks you want to share?


  1. I’ve also made snitz with butter milk…..the reason the snitz was delicious was because the milk in your milk would tenderise the meat. I add some oregano to the breadcrumb mix…..delicious!

  2. Yes, everyone here loves a good schnitzel!! Except I hate frying the buggers, the oil smell just gets a bit much. So I’ve been crumbling in home made garlic mayonnaise and blitzed cornflake crumbs, then baking in the oven. The yellow crunch of the cornflakes convinces everyone it’s been fried and the mayo keeps it moist. Still probably just as unhealthy as frying, except much less mess!

  3. love this thanks beth! … my middle name! happy accidents! that’s what floats my boat!
    it’s how I just about do everything hun! lol m:)X

  4. That’s a cracker idea Beth. Can’t wait to try it out, thanks.
    Hope things are on the improve at your place.
    A x

    • Thanks Amanda, I have been thinking of you while we are going through this. We got better and then much worse. Hoping we get better again. It’s really just so shitty.

  5. Yummo. My best tip is use half panko, half stuffing mix (I use the home brand one from woollies) to crumb the schnitty. It’s got all of the herbs and spices already. Sounds weird, I know – but I learnt it from my mother in law who has all kinds of interesting tricks like that up her sleeve & it’s really good.

  6. katie clews says

    oh yum I’m so going to do this tomorrow night when we have Schnitty’s!! I made your pikelet mix today as it’s shrove Tuesday. It makes making pancakes/pikelets so damn easy..

    With my schnitty crumb, I chuck in some grated parmesan with the panko crumbs as it makes the crumb go really crunchy too.. or some sesame seeds for extra crunch.. Thanks for tip Beth 🙂

  7. Oh Beth – that is GOLD!!!! Total crumbed steak game changer I reckon. I will def be doing this next time I make crumbed steak (which may be NEVER seeing as though our new cook is here!! Yay). Love it, thanks so much. If this is “a thing” I certainly didn’t know about it. Tuscan seasoning is good in the crumbs or italian herbs.

  8. Sarah Coughlan says

    Snitty night tonight at ours i am definitley going to try this !

  9. We have been egg free for a while now due to food allergies. So when I did schnitzel I would marinate the chicken in buttermilk, mustard, lemon and salt pepper. Then crumb. Then fry. Too easy. Minimum mess. And super delicious!

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love a good shortcut,Beth ?I bought some zesty lemon Dukkah and I’m going to give that a go with chicken and snitzels etc!

  11. My mum places her flour and breadcrumbs in seperate large ziplock bags. Super easy and not messy at all. I recently took her a kilo of chicken breasts and she had them sliced and crumbed in a matter of minutes! Mum uses Panko crumbs and seasoning mix. Tastes divine!!

  12. And It just happens to be Shrove Tuesday Pancake day!!

  13. mrs_woodette says

    I lovw your idea of picklet schnitty. You can also use pancake batter for fish, amazeballs! We use coconut flour & Quinoa flakes for our schnitty;) YUM!

  14. If you ever run out of breadcrumbs, smash up some plain sakatas. They make an awesome crunchy coating. We have to be Gluten free now so this is our go to.

  15. I like Parmesan and parsley with the bread crumbs yum yum

  16. Growing up, my mum used to make crumbed steak using packet seasoning mix! Yu-um! For snitty, I’d maybe blend it up so the crumbs are a bit finer but it’s got all the yummy herbs in it. *Note to self: buy a packet of seasoning mix!

  17. I am deadset going to give this a go. I can’t believe I have never thought of using fresh chicken breasts! *hangsheadinshame x

  18. MIND BLOWN – Garlic Lurpak in your frying oil. It’s 10.15pm and I am in my P.J’s but I feel the need to run down to the shops to get some and make this NOW.

  19. Trying this next time. I add Parmesan cheese and curry powder to my breadcrumbs YUM

  20. Looks delicious! Beth can you do an updated house tour soon? 🙂

  21. I just coat the chicken breast in Dijon mustard then cover in Panko bread crumbs, shallow fry and keep warm in a low temp oven. No mess with flour or egg mixture. Super tasty and juicy. You can also do the same using mayonnaise! You will love this x

  22. Yummy!! I only had 2 kievs left for dinner last night and needed three so clever me defrosted another chicken fillet and cooked them all at the same time. Once cooked, I sliced the fillet into pieces, the kievs in half and then poured the garlic butter over the chicken pieces. Instant Kiev and hubby was non the wiser. Well except for the lack of crumb but it was delicious and looked good too. Love a good kitchen hack!!

  23. You can use leftover bread turned into crumbs in the food processor or Vitamix. Great with leftover sourdough, caraway rye or a nut bread. Just keep the crumbs in the frezer

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