Just call me Bev: Pikelets

It’s the house of sick here at the moment. There’s gastro. There’s colds. Take your pick! I have two kids at home, a mountain of washing to get through and work to do – all while feeling pretty sick myself. You know what that calls for? Pikelets! For morning tea! In under 7 mins go to whoa you have happier kids (and a happier Mum) even if it just lasts for 6 mins…Easiest pikelets ever
: 1 cup of SR flour
: 1 cup milk
: 1 egg: Take one cup of self raising flour

: One cup of milk

: And one egg

: And mix together in a bowl

: Put some butter in your pan to melt

: Spoon in (I use a tablespoon) the mixture and cook for a few mins each side. Wait until you see bubbles form before flipping

: Stack up, take an artistic shot and DEMOLISH

: We use a little spread of jam for those with colds, no jam for ones recovering from gastro

: And extra jam for Mum’s who have had to clean vomit out of sheets in the middle of the night. DEAR GOD they need it!

: Cook some extra to save for later and or just for each time you are in the Kitchen catching your breath.



  1. I was sitting here starving and your blog post came like a beacon of light LOL! I’m off to make them now, thanks! Fiddy x

  2. I love your cover – where does it come from??? Will be making pikelets for when the big kid gets home today – thanks for the inspiration!

  3. BEV! It just cannot be that easy! I am going to get the kids to make them for me xx

  4. Poor little mites 🙁 least they have pikets to cheer them up.

  5. We are a regular pikelet house here! I have the babushka doll measuring cups too, they are the cutest thing in my kitchen.

  6. Heidi Fitz says

    pikelets fix everything! you are onto a winner … hope all’s well very soon. Hx

  7. My mum cooks pikelets for her granddaughters all of the time when we stay over. They love to help crack the eggs. They’re actually getting quite good at it. I think Mum uses the same recipe too. So easy.

  8. I haven’t made pikelets for years, must see about changing that. xT

  9. Hope everyone improves soon! Pike lets are fab cooked in double batches and frozen – good to pull out for school lunches.

  10. we love pikelets in our house too! although i found a nigella recipe in which you make all the dry ingredients up in bulk and when a small person requests them…it’s just a simple add or milk and an egg and hey presto delicious pikelets no fuss! always with jam too! hope you’re all on the mend soon xx

  11. I always forget about pikelets. I think they may be on the radar for afternoon tea here. x

  12. See, not many people know and love pikelets as much as I do. My nan used to make me a WHOLE PLATE of them for dinner, when I stayed at her house in the school holidays. I’d consume them with lemon and brown sugar.

    I’m so sorry your kiddos are sick, really hope they come good soon xxxxx

  13. Yum, I love a Pikelet, too. I often add a mashed banana to the mix for banana pikelets. The kids love them and I can kid myself that they are getting some extra fruit that way.

  14. Oooh, love me a pikelet and jam too. Also guilty of keeping a can of that fake cream in the fridge for an extra posh pikelet-with-jam-AND-cream moment. My Belgian friend called them “pickle-ets” after I sent her the recipe, and the name stuck for us 😉
    Hope you’re all better soon. x

  15. You know I have never had a pikelets…we just do good old pancakes in the States…I will have to give them a shot!

    I really hope that everyone is on the mend…and that everyone stays healthy!

  16. I love pikelets. They remind me of my Mum. x

  17. Wow!!! Super mum !!! Simple as!!but where is that food cover from because I love it!! xx

  18. Pikelets cure everything! even if there is nothing in the cupboards there is always ingredients to make pikelets – and they are so good!

  19. Sorry the kids are sick. Hope you stay well?

    Great easy recipe. I am going to get my boy to make some this afternoon. He’s just become interested in learning to cook, so I think we’ve nailed down our afterschool activity.

  20. You really have had a crap time with the kids health! It’s one thing after another. Hope everyone gets healthy soon!

  21. Oh my goodness! Why have I never made these before?! This took 25 minutes from start to finish to make 24 pikelets and I am going to eat some for lunch and save the rest for the kids when they get home from school. Utter genius. I forsee many, many pikelets in my future.

  22. I am making these for breakfast tomorrow – Shrove Tuesday!

  23. When we make pikelets at the school canteen we use this recipe, but cook them on the (open)!sandwich toaster without butter. Easy peasy , delicious and no pan to wash!

  24. I recently read a trick to make fancy pikelets… just before you flip them, sprinkle with caster sugar, turns them into an almost creme brûlée pancake with little crunchy edges 🤤



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