Monday Meal Ideas: Bake some snacks

If your house is anything like ours during the week the after School hunger is REAL. It’s big and it’s real and it at times completely frustrates me as more and more food is consumed as we head towards dinner time and then there is dinner which gets pushed around the plate. This is much more common with Mags than the other two who continue to plough through their food regardless. The difference for me is having something prepped and ready to go and a good batch cook of a slice or muffin in a container on the bench works for both lunchbox and after school snacks. Here are some of my faves that the girls (and I) love. Especially with a cup of tea when we all walk in the door.

Homemade Monte Carlo Biscuits
Date Loaf
Blueberry Muffins
Crumbly jam slice

How is your week ahead looking? I have thrilled that we don’t have to move anything, anywhere this week for the first time! I am planning on getting stuck into some time on my laptop and ploughing through a much neglected inbox. It’s going to be a pretty unexciting week and I can’t wait for early nights, big sleeps and a chance to catch up on everything after the madness of the office move last week. Hope you have a good ones friends, bake some slice for yourself…you deserve it! x

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