Monday Meal Ideas: High rotation BabyMac classics

I am back into the groove of daily life (and cooking) but oh my goodness the JOY in not cooking for anyone for 11 days. THE JOY. I have been hitting the classics with all the family favourites that are pretty much PURE COMFORT to both cook (for me) and eat (for them). These are the meals I can make with my eyes shut and that when Rob walks in and smells them just make this whole place feel like HOME. My favourite kind of cooking!

Home made Food processor pizza
Roast chicken
Sausage Pasta
Chicken pot pies

How’s your week ahead looking? I am FLAT out with preps for our annual June long weekend ball that I’m organising with a group of local ladies here. It’s going to be a BUSY one and as a consequence I don’t know how I am going to find the time to be around as much – so bear with me friends!

Hope the sun is shining where we are – we have had some lovely rain that the garden is happy about. It’s been cold and we have been bunkering down at home ALL weekend. Perfect as I still get better from that nasty post trip cold.

Hope you all have a great week ahead x

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