Monday Meal Ideas: Mid week family faves

Oh Monday, you are so wily the way you appear again in record time? Even after a relaxing weekend with very little on and lots of PJ time at home, I still think you got here extra fast. So here we are friends, at the start of another week, it’s time to fire up (mentally and physically as it’s rather fresh here this morning)!

Here are some family faves that were requested this week when I asked everyone yesterday that will definitely get another run. No matter how old they are…they are just faves for everyone!

Sausage Pasta
Roast chook with all the veggies
Filo pot pies packed with greens
Food processor pizza base

How is your week ahead looking? Rob is heading away tomorrow and will be gone for 9 nights so I would be lying if I said I am feeling relaxed about alllllll of the driving that will be done this week. It’s time for me to get organised for the juggle ahead for me: work, school, extra circular, it’s going to be a lot you guys. Fingers and toes crossed I don’t completely lose my shit.

Hope you all have a good one…let’s remind ourselves of how good of a job we do each and every week. We really do and because no one will tell you, I will….well done! And Victoria, all the best getting through the rest of this week…I truly hope that this will be it for you guys. Take care and be kind to yourselves x

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