Monday Meal Ideas: Mid week fam faves

Good morning friends, here we are on a chilly Monday morning in the Highlands, I think the temp has dropped to about 6 or so and when I just went out to grab some wood to see if I could get the fire going from last night, the clear sky was filled with sparkling stars. What a way to start to the week! I was thinking with thus cooler weather that we need to think about comforting foods – sports are starting to ramp up and the mid week after school activities have really started to increase…so its food that everyone will love, that smells SO good when they walk in the door and will make us all feel warm and cosy, nourished and love. Here are some ideas that I might tackle this week.

Chicken Pot Pies
Corn Fritters
Slow cooked Pork belly
Spinach & ricotta cannelloni

How is your week ahead looking? Hard to believe that there are just 3 weeks of the school term left isn’t it? Easter will be here before we know it…and then the dreaded term 2 with ALLLLLLL the sport activities and dark afternoons and mornings begin. I will soak up these last weeks while I can. Harper starts hockey tonight, Rob is off to Melbourne for work…it’s going to be. busy week ahead I think for all of us.

Hope you all have a great week, whatever it is you are doing x


  1. I can’t wait for fire weather, ask me how I’m feeling after a month of heater dust and lugging in the wood, but for I’m excited.
    Also I’m putting your chicken pie on the menu this week.
    Cheers Kate

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