THE cake. The Rainbow cake that is.

It deserves it’s own post. You know it does. I wanted to do this cake the very first time I saw it on a blog in 2009. Since then it has been on many a Birthday table sometimes with smarties, sometimes plain, sometimes with little bitty bunting hanging on it. I started making it during the week because I knew I didn’t have time to bake all day Saturday or Sunday as I had too much going on. I also found out that a frozen cake is an easier cake to ice – who knew? So I looked even more organised and skilled without even knowing it!

So. How did I do it? I probably should have looked up how other people had done it before (because I am sure there are a gazillion posts out there showing you how to) but I just figured it out in my head how it made sense to me and went for it. I bought 4 packets of Aldi butter cake mix. Fancy, I know. I figured for $1.69 a pack I could screw up as many batches as I wanted. I made them up, halved them (my brain couldn’t work out the weighing to exactly divide the mix with the taking the bowl weight out) so I just guessed, added in the food colouring and baked. I baked them in my Grandma Dot’s cake tin who used to make all her grandchildren a rainbow cake when we were little, so I think I had a bit of Dot luck on my side! I chose the colours from the rainbow song {DER} Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue – baked, wrapped, froze over a few days.

Then on Saturday afternoon with a house full of guests and a couple of champagnes under my belt {and my trusty chef brother in law and rainbow baby watching on} I began to ice. And ice. And ice. It took A LOT of icing to bring it all together. My cakes were wonky too (because of the non accurate weighing) so there was quite some spak filling to be done in some sections! You will also notice how I ripped some baking paper into 3 sections and places them under (just a little bit) of the cake so I could make a mess and then at the end just slip them out. How very Beverley of me!

How focused and pumped can one Mum be?

Can you hear me saying “Oh SHIT that bit of cake just came off!”

And the mounting enthusiasm and gusto as each layer went on. I was a little cocky here…

This was when Rob worked out that he was indeed married to a {hot} domestic Goddess!

The top layer of icing went on and then I slowly iced the sides, moving it around as I went. My butter icing was not perfect but it was tasty. My icing was made up of a shitload of butter, mixed with a shitload of icing mixture. It was that technical.

In the end I decided not to go with anything else on the top except a little rainbow spotted candle.

I was slightly pissed and a little proud of myself when it came to serving…and why wouldn’t I be? I’ve lost weight! I baked a Rainbow cake! I have a hot husband!

It’s not the prettiest, or perfect of Rainbow cakes you will find on the web, but it’s my crack at the title and I can assure you one little 2 year Birthday girl was very impressed. And that’s about all that matters.


  1. Damn, that looks good Beth! Is it wrong that I could go for a slice right now at 8am?

  2. nice job! there is something about a rainbow cake that just makes you happy.

  3. You hot, talented spunk x

  4. Beautiful cake and I LOVE the photos of you looking inordinately proud of yourself!

  5. Hot cake, hot you, hot husbie, hot kids, hot house… Beverly’s got nothing on you, babe. x

  6. You make me laugh. Such a great kids cake, I want some too. x

  7. Beautiful cake. Beautiful party.
    (I had a Grandma Dot too; Grandma Dotty to my children)

  8. Beth that looks fabulous! Definitely something I will add to my bucket list! ‘make a rainbow cake’ … You should be proud of yourself, too many Mums out there buy the fancy cakes these days!! 🙂

  9. I think it’s brilliant!

  10. yum!! what else was on the menu??

  11. I love you and hate you at the same time. Now I feel like cake.

  12. This is on my ‘to create’ {& most likely royally screw up} list.

    You’re looking to die for. I bet Rob is so proud of his Bev!

    And Harper would have been in AWE!


  13. See now that’s a cooking class I would take

    “Bev’s scrumalicious rainbow bonanza cake how to”

    the not too accurate, butter-filled, champagne smoothed glory of it all – L.O.V.E it.

    You are truly one domestic goddess Beth and as I said yesterday – am in awe.


  14. i totally love that you gave the cake it’s own post and seriously without blogs this cake would not be so popular – with about 8 months till a kids birthday in my house, i’m wondering if i should prepare myself or just bask in other peoples triumphs! Congrats – that cake is awesome xx

  15. LOVE. IT. Flashbacks to my childhood and rainbow cakes made by my grandmother, sure ours didn’t have that many levels, but loved it just the same!

    Am copying for Maddie’s birthday in Dec 🙂

  16. You look fab.
    The cake looks fab.
    The fam look fab.
    Confirmed fabulous, really.

  17. I think it’s pretty kick ass. And I think YOU are pretty kick ass. Cakes are always harder and much more fiddly than they look. Give yourself more credit!

  18. LOVE the cake. And my sort of instructions too. Definitely giving this one a go. Thanks!

  19. Way to go Bev cake looked greeeeaaattttttt ! Lucky gal Harper and Happy Birthday xoxo

  20. Amazing! Well done. My very talented sister in law makes all my kid’s birthday cakes, as I am not nearly as good. So well done to you! Happy birthday to a very grown up 2 year old. X

  21. You are ace! I want to make one of these too, maybe I’ll make it for my sister’s birthday? It’s the next one coming so that will have to be it! Can’t wait any longer!
    Well done you hottie!
    Rach x

  22. thank you! that was just the post I was hoping for. My little girl’s 2nd birthday is a month away… great inspiration!

  23. The cake looks glorious. Can you tell us if you used any special type of food colouring? The colours are soooo bright!

  24. Red Dalish – I had 2 colours that I had in the cupboard from a professional cake decorating shop (as we used to live next door to one as you do) but the rest were just the standard ones from the supermarket. The two brights ones – red & yellow were from a brand called Ameri-colour and were VERY bright so when I mixed them with the other colours they made them POP!

  25. Brilliant! You should be proud of yourself lady. I have been looking at cakes for my daughter’s 4th bday party. Do I pay someone $300 for a cake or do I attempt to do one at home? Yep, home made is the best.

  26. It is a Superb thing! But you sing the rainbow song differently to me!! We always sang it red and yellow and pink and green orange and purple and blue!! Freak out. Okay may be not an actual freak out but i had to sing the song to myself to work out why it sounded so weird in your post!! hehe!

  27. I would like to eat it, so very much. Well DONE lady!

  28. Now I am scheming as to when I could make this cake. With darling daughters’ birthdays being in July and August respectively, that is just too far away. Soooo I’m thinking of making a red & green version for Christmas!!! Maybe I’ll ice mine over a glass of champers too….seemed to work a treat for you, Beth! Love your work 🙂

  29. You are talented my love, even when semi pissed! I could not pull that off in a million years. And the hot husband??? sizzling x

  30. you are amazing. fact!

  31. also, Dave only worked half a day today. we got drunk at lunchtime. I thought you’d like to know.


  32. Looks amazing! Well done. I love the kids pictures on the walls in the background too. Very bright and cheery.

  33. I’ve been waiting for this post and you didn’t disappoint – I BLOODY LOVE your rainbow cake.

    Gorgeous pics, looks like a fab party.


  34. Amazing cake! how sweet thy sight! (and you have FULLY lost weight! totes jealous…)
    T xx

  35. Lookin the goods lady. Love your rainbow cake tutorial. I’ve always wanted to make a layer cake of some description… but it kinda looks bloody hard ;o)
    Great photies as always xo

  36. Was hoping you’d post how you did it Beth!! Thanks, you’re a star 🙂 Hubby and me going to have a crack at this in a few weeks for a friends farewell party. Will definitely make it a happy, cheery event me thinks, instead of the potentially depressing tears shed sad night that it could be …. Besides cake always makes everything better!! 🙂

    PS – was there any cake left over??? how could there be with such happiness in one cake! x

  37. I have never heard of a rainbow cake before! How cool is that, I have to try it! I wonder if my big girl would still enjoy it at her 10th birthday…hmm. It is a pretty impressive cake!!

    Happy day to your cute birthday girl. 🙂

  38. My birthday is in Feb and I would love one of these cakes … any chance you could make me one – it looks pretty damn fab!

  39. Yumbo, i especially like the coloured crumbs, so cute!! Nice work honey, love Posie

  40. Thanks for sharing your colour-dye secrets, Beth! I have soooo much to learn…

  41. Oh my bloody god! Looks amaze-balls! Think I may have a crack at it!

  42. love love love all these pics! I know all about the rainbow cake. a lot of work but so worth it!


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