Monday Meal Ideas: Stove top family faves

Good morning and happy first day of Autumn! Summer has come and gone somehow and here we are as we head into the beauty and visual delight of this season. Last year it was all about bunkering down at home, cocooning as we were all in lockdown. Sans lockdown (I hope) we can still enjoy all this season has to offer at home – we are certainly lucky in our village as we truly get to experience the glory of Autumn.

Thought I would share some recipes this week that will likely get a run at our place…quick dinners that are made purely on the stovetop without an oven in sight. For me mid week, that’s always a winner.

Chicken Quesadillas
Tortelleni New York
Chicken Cacciatore
Beth’s Minced Asian chicken

How is your week ahead looking? We had a shocker last week with everyone getting a cold and having someone home from school until Thursday. Hoping this week for better health, lots of rest as everyone seems to be a little weary mid term and lots of downtime. I can already feel the pressure of Saturday sports starting to build back up so while we have some time at home, I will enjoy every moment.

Hope you all have a great week friends x

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