Monday Meal Ideas: Country Classics

Good morning friends and a very happy Monday morning to you! Hope you all had a great weekend. On Friday morning I was lucky enough to have Sophie from Local is Lovely come and record a podcast at my kitchen bench – what a treat! This series of podcasts from My Open Kitchen are sponsored by the CWA and I was reminded of the joy of country cooking and some of the best baking that there is always comes from good country women!

Thought that on this cold and wet (hurrah!) Monday morning I would share some of my favourite country classic cooking: always so comforting, easy and no fuss with the ingredients usually in your pantry that you could whip up and bring out your inner Mavis, Thelma, Vera or Bev this week.

Jam Drops
Lemon Meringue Pie
Date Scones
Ginger Fluff

And some of my other favourites…

Lemonade Scones
Date Loaf
Pickled Cucumbers
Sour Lemon Cake
Chocolate Cake (Anne)
Sultana Biscuits
Monte Carlo Biscuits
Fruit Cake

May your butter and sugar cream well and your biscuits have a good bake! I know that I was ready to start a spring cleanse with more exercise and better eating, and yet on this dreary morning all I can think about is baking some sultana biscuits later again this morning for morning tea! Whoops. Hope you all have a great week ahead x


  1. Made my 1st and 2nd Anne last night as cupcakes for Mr now 10 to take to a school and a cake for home. Yummm!

  2. thanks bev!
    favourite is lemon meringue pie … love the tea cosy!
    I once organized a tea cosy exhibition with a difference! called … not so cosy!
    across the board media and I used re cycled teabags made into a dolly varden type of
    idea! with messages on each tea bag stapled together with a maypole in the centre! … I must say the whole ex was ab/fab and robin archer opened it! … back in the day!
    triggering memories!
    lol mx

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