Full & Thorough Reporting

Thank goodness it's Friday is what I have to say. And thank goodness we only have one more week of school before we can finally take a breather. This term has been FULL ON to say the least: sickness and colds, lots of extra circular stuff and sport and driving around, a sad Kinder with so many tears … [Read more...]

Green goddess butter

Is it just me or just it get to September, the weather gets over 17 degrees and your trolley looks like this: A week or so back I made a delicious butter that was used with roasted veggies that I know I will make again and again. So of course I thought I better get it onto the blog so I can … [Read more...]

Monday Meal ideas: Spring salads

Well it looks like we have some lovely warm weather here at the start of the week...glorious! It makes me (almost) want to get out there and exercise and eat some salad. Well, I can live in hope! When things do start to warm up though I am always so keen to starts getting more salads on the menu. … [Read more...]

The weight

On the weekend I opened my pantry and could no longer stand the sight of the shitfight that was in front of me. You know the drill: corner pantry that you can't see into properly, a pandemic and an over supply of tinned tomatoes, things pushed in front of what is behind, wedged until the whole thing … [Read more...]

20 novels for tweens who like history

You guys know how much I love to read, and it's been tough to see the love of reading my tween once have disappear now that she is a teenager. Technology gets in the way...and even though she might not be doing it right now, I know she will be back...I was too! That foundation from the early years … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: One Pan Wonders

I'm not sure why it is that Monday's come around SO fast, or that they continue to surprise me with their speed. But here we are on the 7th September, staring down the barrel of another week. Girls are at school, I have a busy week of work ahead...let's do this! I will be looking for dinners that … [Read more...]

Fashion, turn to the left

I had an adventure this week with Rob helping him shoot a big campaign job for Arlington Milne & Elms & King up at the beach. My word does fashion involve a whole lot of moving parts, an insatiable beast that requires endless feeding...ideas...I have such an appreciation for the work that … [Read more...]

My love of early mornings

How on earth could I say that you ask? After years and YEARS and years of being dragged out of bed, not of my own choice by small children with a penchant for early mornings? A husband who never got up with them, not ever. Tiredness, resentment, exhaustion. How could I love to wake up early? But I … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Mid week winners

Jeepers Monday comes around fast doesn't it? One minute it's Friday arvo and you are excited and pumped about some time off, then Saturday comes around filled with sport and running around, some work and then it's Sunday and you get a day to relax all before it's Sunday night all of a sudden and … [Read more...]

One pan Greek lemon chicken with yoghurt & risoni

I have been meaning to put this recipe together for weeks now and now that I have come to do it...I can't really remember what I put in it! Helpful isn't it?! This was something I made up as I went and definitely needs a little tweaking but it's a delicious one pot wonder (actually two as you have … [Read more...]

Birthday bliss at Bask

I always love the chance to escape somewhere for a weekend - everyone in buy family (mostly ME) know how much fun holiday Beth is. She relaxes, she sleeps in, she doesn't make the bed, she leaves clothes all over the floor and she loves to cook and read. The chance for holiday Beth to come out is … [Read more...]

Life at 42, 11 months, 3 weeks and 5 days

My alarm goes off at 5.10am each morning and I still can't believe after so many years of desperately wanting sleep whenever I could get it, that I make myself wake up each morning. I don't think, just get up, pushing back the heavy layers of bedding that come at this stage of winter. I am in … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Warming winter family dinners

Here we are on a VERY bleak and wet Monday morning. I'm waiting for some daylight to survey the water damage outside it has been such heavy rain for over many, many hours. The weather calls for comfort cooking, for food when hungry kids get in the door late they can smell what's cooking and say "Oh … [Read more...]

An old school family weekend visit

We all know how rare it is at the moment to have family spend time together, so when I was speaking to my brother a week or so ago about trying to find a free weekend for a visit, I wasn't expecting it to happen any time soon. With three high school kids and sport and work and life, we rarely get to … [Read more...]

Rob’s Lamb Shanks

If you are a lover of the lamb shank but get a little weary of the same old slow cooked tomato based sauces then you might like this version that Rob created a few years ago. I think it was originally from a Greek cookbook that we have that cooks a whole leg of lamb slowly using this method of … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Adding some fish to our table

One thing that I know I should cook more of, is fish. Daisy is not a fan (which I can understand) but the rest of the family will happily sit down and enjoy some fish for dinner. I usually stick with salmon: it's easy, accessible and affordable and I know how to cook it, but this week I need to … [Read more...]

The blog is now 14!

On Wednesday this week the blog ticked over to 14 years. I know, I can't believe I am still here either! Thousands of posts and comments, likes and shares, recipes referred back to, tree changes made, third children had, holidays planned and booked. This little corner of the internet still ticking … [Read more...]

An ode to Anne…

Now if you have been following me for any amount of time (long or short) you will know the importance of ANNE in our lives. Anne is the name of the chocolate cake that has been famous in our family since the 80's when the author of the recipe Mrs Anne R placed a recipe for a humble chocolate cake in … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching, listening to

I'm sure those of you in lockdown in VIC are well and truly up to date on reading and watching shows and after having the school holidays here I have a few bits and pieces to share with you about what I have been up to. Lots of reading and TV, a little podcasting and music in between. Let's do … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Comfort food for mid winter

Oh it is a dreary day here today. Pouring rain all night long with an east coast low sitting over the top of us and  constant rain beating against the windows. Always lovely for a day...a little too much when it's over 24 hours without a break and flooding starts to occur..and then the septic goes … [Read more...]