Monday Meal Ideas: Winner winner chicken dinner

Good morning friends! There is a pep in my step this morning as we have Maggie back at school this morning! In a uniform! She is SO excited and a little nerfous too (she tells me) and I am sure that the enthusiasm will slow as the week goes on…but for now we will take it. As we all settle into some kind of routine again I will be looking for meals that are easy, loved by all and of course yum. Here are some that will most likely get a run this week:

One pan greek chicken with risoni
Home made kebabs
Chicken fried rice
One pan asian chicken with rice

How is your week ahead looking? I am SO excited that Lucy and I will be back in the office together for the first time in 10 weeks…being able to actually be in the same room and discuss things not over email…well it’s all a bit exciting. I hope that you have a good week too…whatever it it you are up to. Take care x


  1. Hey Beth Just wanted to say I had a ripper morning also getting a preppy ready to return to school with your wise podcast words in my ears. Listening to your interview has made my day and it’s not even 10am. Thanks so much for everything you do.

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