Putting the BE into Beth

I've been trying this new thing where I actually sit quietly with a notebook in hand and have a think about the new year. I am not someone to do this, I am not a goal setter (well not really, I definitely have plans and goals but I am not a print it out with pretty pictures and whack it on vision … [Read more...]

2018: The Recap episode

As we hurtle towards the end of another year I can't help but be reflective and think about the year that was. All the things I got done, the things that I didn't. I hate this "set new goals & intentions" that come at this time of the year that inevitably just make you feel a bit shit about … [Read more...]

On jumping out of your comfort zone

I always learn lessons from my kids and toddlers especially seem to be able to show us (very loudly and passionately) how our minds work without the filter of good manners. When Maggie is happy she is REALLY happy. When she is frustrated, man do we all know about it. There's very little in between … [Read more...]

7 reasons why you need a girl’s weekend away

Last weekend a group of friends from home escaped our homes and families for 3 nights of pure bliss....a girl's weekend! Now these things take planning. They take many, many whats app messages. They take time to plan, lots of text messages and effort that at times make you think "ah stuff it, it … [Read more...]

Every little thing

I don't know all that much about being married. I know that we spend a lot of time talking about bills, and scheduling diaries and not all that much laying in bed together, holding hands, talking of dreams and goals and generally being besotted with each other. It's not that we aren't besotted … [Read more...]

Some ways I beat the mid winter blues

I just had a trawl through my blog and it seems that EVERY year at around this time, I seem to get the mid winter blues. Huh. Well, it's mid for us down here because we really don't seem to see a change in the weather and temperatures until at least mid to late October. The endless fires and ash and … [Read more...]

A check in & some good things

Hello friends, how are you? I'm doing good, thanks for asking, and I know that so many of you have, you lovely people. I have had messages, emails, little things from you over the past month since I wrote this post and admitted that I was constantly feeling a bit bluergh and like a solid 5/10 most … [Read more...]

Skin Update: What I have been doing/using

I felt like I did this last update post not that long ago and I just checked and it's bang on 12 months. Huh! So maybe it was a long time... It's been about 2 years now since I tried to be a grown up and look after my skin. You can check out this series of posts to see a little about my trial … [Read more...]

The lies we tell ourselves

In my recent introspection and intention for more self care I've been thinking a little (sometimes a lot) about the way I speak to myself in my head. The way we all speak to ourselves in our heads. Our internal monologue which is often negative. I know mine contains quite a bit of swearing and FUCKS … [Read more...]

Lessons in rest

I just tried to stop Maggie from painting the hummus I gave her for lunch all over her cherry tomatoes, hands, arms. When I explained to her about the mess she was making her reply was simple, "but it feels good". And I bet it did. That's been my lesson in the past week that the universe has … [Read more...]

A check in: and feeling the feelings {Susan}

It's Tuesday morning here, just gone 6am, it's 0 degrees outside. There are 3 members of my family sleeping soundly in their beds, and one awake (sniffling and miserable with a cold) next to me on the couch watching Peter Rabbit. Can you guess which one? I wanted to check in on you, yes you, and … [Read more...]

January the 116th

Anyone else feeling a little like this is what the date should really be? Whether it's been the endless warm days, the long school term, whatever it is, I have those same January blues and I cannot seem to shake it. I'm feeling blocked creatively, vulnerable and panicked. Not sleeping at … [Read more...]

Sick kids? Here’s what I use

I have been a little MIA the last few days. Every one of the girls have gotten sick (just a cold nothing too bad) and a niggle I had in a tooth has blown out to a full scale blown face DISASTER that saw me at the dentist at 9am on a Sunday for an emergency X-ray and seriously excited about an … [Read more...]

I’m not going to stop hassling you till it’s done

I want you to think for a minute, about one of your kids or your partner coming to you with a health concern. Maybe they were worried about this or that, they weren't feeling great and knew that they should check it out. Imagine if this was your Mum, or Dad a best friend that had the same … [Read more...]

Family First Aid for busy parents: Click First Aid

As a Mum I know that I worry way too much about all the bad things that could happen to my kids. My overactive imagination would have any given disaster happen to any of my kids at any time across all of their age groups of 11 to 2. I have done first aid courses before, taken the time and expense … [Read more...]

6 little lessons learned this week

Is it just me, or has this week been the l  o  n  g  e  s  t? And of course now that it's Friday, we will blink and it will be Monday morning again. Sigh. But still! FRIDAY. I am feeling very virtuous as I have been exercising, eating well and haven't ONE drink since Sunday. I know, it's not much, … [Read more...]

5 Good things

You know when you are using something and every time you get it out, you think "this is GOOD"? I have been doing that a few times lately with a few different products and I thought I would round them up into one MASTER list of good things I have found/been using lately that I reckon are pretty … [Read more...]

How to fix cracked heels

Now is the summer of discontent my friends...it's been hot forever, I have been wearing little to no shoes for the past 6 weeks and last week I hit the PITS of my despair when the cracks on my heels were SO bad they were split deep, almost bleeding and I was barely able to stand or walk on … [Read more...]

How you talk to yourself matters

I put up this quote on my Instagram last week and every day the words have been swirling about my head. Like a mantra over and over again, it's been popping into my head and it has had me thinking. Which is never a good thing really. Sometimes it is though... On Sunday we had our family do and I … [Read more...]

Kindness and corn fritters

Is anyone else feeling like an overtired 2 year old at the moment? I am expert at dealing with such people, given that we have one living in our house, so if you are, you've come to the right place. Our little lady has taken to only sleeping every now and then, so the over tiredness combined with … [Read more...]