6 little lessons learned this week

Is it just me, or has this week been the l  o  n  g  e  s  t? And of course now that it’s Friday, we will blink and it will be Monday morning again. Sigh. But still! FRIDAY. I am feeling very virtuous as I have been exercising, eating well and haven’t ONE drink since Sunday. I know, it’s not much, but I’ll take it. There’s been lots of stuff to do, lots of work and playing with dolls (dear god so much playing), but also little lessons learned along the way. Nothing interesting or ground breaking, but little lessons in the small and mundane.

Misty morning walks

I had planned to go for a walk as soon as Rob got home from the gym one morning this week but when the time came around it was drizzly with a very thick mist so I wasn’t sure I could head out. But instead of making excuses, I put a rain jacket on and went and boy was I glad I did. It was SO beautiful out there. Best thing I have done in ages. It reminded me that even if you don’t want to do something, if you actually do it, you might find it’s actually pretty good. Amazing in fact. What would our stupid brains now about what’s good for us? Stop making excuses, you never know what you will find.

Mornings at Mum’s place

Yesterday morning we spent the morning at Mum’s place with my sister, Arch and Dots and Mags. The kids mainly whinged (why does this happen every time they are so looking forward to seeing each other?!) but there were moments of peace and quiet and loveliness. Every time I go to Mum’s I am completely comforted. The familiarity of things that have been around you your whole life is good for the soul. If you can surround yourself with that, either by visiting your parents place, or even just by looking at pictures or picking up objects you have had your whole life, you will be comforted. Sometimes as adults we could use a little comfort, I know I have this week.

Herbs as flowers

Just because herbs are usually just used in cooking, doesn’t mean that they can’t have their moment to shine. We have had some rain and some warm autumn sunshine and that means that the herb patch has gone MAD. I have been cutting the herbs and popping them around the kitchen, the sage getting it’s glory in a gorgeous blue and white jug. Just because it’s not always done, doesn’t mean it can’t be. Sometimes beauty can be found where you are least expecting it.

The ying & yang of parenting

God I make mistakes with my parenting every week. Still! 11 years into this business I am STILL working out and fumbling my way through. All of my mistakes seem to really shine when it comes to toddlers. I seem to get so frustrated – I think it’s the pure ON ness that comes with toddlers. It’s all day. Every day. And right now when I am trying to make sure that she doesn’t sleep in the day (night time is not fun) it’s a long day. There are tantrums from both of us: frustrations from boredom from her and me needing to work and getting NOTHING done, you get the picture. While I make mistakes during the day, all can be forgiven with some chicken pies and a pastry initial. I even made jelly for the kids for afternoon tea which they were STOKED about. Took me 30 seconds in the morning, and I was a hero for at least 3 minutes in the afternoon. We’re all trying our best, me and them.

A good lunch is a GOOD thing

The extra time it may take to make a lunch that’s nutritious and hearty and comforting is worth every moment. Every time. I have made some good lunches this week: soup and dumplings to name a few and while it took much longer than shoving a vegemite sandwich down my throat, it filled me, comforted me, made me happy. I need to remember this.

On we go, seasons and celebrations

I know it was JUST Christmas, but it’s Easter in two weeks. Yesterday I got all the bunnies out and popped them around the place. Easter. The leaves are turning all through the garden and throughout the village, on we go….through the seasons and the celebrations. There’s no stopping it.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I am already thinking about my margarita that I am allowed this afternoon…there will be gardening, some family catch up, some work, some fun. On we go…have fun friends x

Did you learn anything this week?
Big or small?
Profound or silly?
Share away!


  1. Beth, I loved your thoughts about being comforted by being at your Mum’s place surrounded by things you remember from childhood. In the last 18 months I lost both Mum and Dad and tomorrow the house we grew up in is being auctioned. I say house because everything that made it our home is gone. I have kept lots of those things I remember from when I was growing up. I look at the Crazy teas sets as mum called them – china cup, saucer and plate sets I inherited and think of how proud she was to have things from her “glory box” and always on view in the “good china cupboard “ . Now in a new old cupboard looking lovely,

  2. I’ve learnt a whole lot this week! ….Mothers day, here in UK, was last Sunday and despite having enjoyed a lovely walk with my family, I had my first ( hopefully last) panic attack. It was horrendous, actually thought I was having a heart attack at the age of 45. I’ve now learnt to take care of me. Nobody else will really. It’s all about me! Ive cut out the chocolate, ate healthily, walked 3 miles daily ( lost 4lb yay ) and had evening baths with essential oils, face mask, cucumber eyes, the works. Also got my long hair chopped into a chin length bob. Feeling back in control. I know I can’t maintain ALL that’s gone into the last week ( husband leaves for work abroad on Tuesday for four weeks arghhh) but I will take be making time for me regardless of how little time that actually is. Prioritising myself as it’ll all fall apart if I do!

  3. mornings at mum’s! … looking alright beth!
    loving her place! delphiniums too! 🙂
    maggie with that bow! … just gorgeous!
    great shots!
    much love mxx

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