5 Good things

You know when you are using something and every time you get it out, you think “this is GOOD”? I have been doing that a few times lately with a few different products and I thought I would round them up into one MASTER list of good things I have found/been using lately that I reckon are pretty good.

My sister got me onto this last year when her kids pretty much had a cold for the ENTIRE winter. If you have an asthma kid like we do (Harper) this time of the year is EXACTLY when she gets hit the worst. February/March was always the time when she has been hospitalised (thankfully its been a few years since we have had that) as she gets her asthma induced from colds. We have been giving this to her and Mags pretty much every day (dissolves in water or juice/milk) and I reckon it has made a difference to them when they get a cold and just generally making a difference to catching colds. Might not be for everyone, but it’s a winner for us. You can get it from most chemists (it lives in the fridge so you will find it in the fridge at the chemist) from memory it’s about $30.

Even though I have been getting my periods for the past 26 years, I still have NO clue when it’s due to come or why I am acting like a miserable mole, or SO angry. I FINALLY got onto a period tracker (this one is called LIFE and it was free from the App Store. I have found it useful whenever I am feeling like SHITE to go in and pretty much every time it says “your period is due in 3 days” and I’m like…OH. See! Quite helpful for a clueless person like me.

Last time I was getting my Clinque moisturiser the helpful lady upsold me one of these oil cleansers/balms and DEAD SET it’s the actual best make up remover. I usually wipe away eye make up with my micellar water or the like then whack this onto a dry face, lather it around, wet my hands a little then lather up and it removes the LOT. Love this stuff and will be buying again for shiz.

While I am on make up…I have spent quite a bot of money on eyebrow pencils/powders/gels over the years but I recently grabbed this Maybelline one when I was at the chemist and it’s bloody fabulous. Like a a chubby stick, goes on well, great colour and much cheaper than others I hav used that have done exactly the same job. It was about $14 I think.

My friend Miss Rabbit spent their Christmas holiday over in the UK and Europe and bought me back this shopper from the Tower of London. I am LOVING seeing Her Maj every time I walk in the room. It’s currently filled with CROCHET stuff for the girls who were recently taught how to do it by a visiting guest. MY poor children deprived of craft.

So that’s my list of GOOD THINGS. There’s plenty more I am sure, like hydrangeas still in bloom, cute 2 year olds, Hot cross buns and the like, but that’ll do.

Got any good things you would like to share with us?


  1. Period tracker. YES! mine has just come back from a long holiday. YEP!! awesome….. at 47 nearly 48! seems to want to come regularly for once in its life… NOW But . FFS. So yes to this. Thanks 🙂 x

  2. Some very dear friends from the US, on their first visit back to Sydney since sadly having to return to their homeland, stayed in our house for 2 weeks while we were away and gave us an amazing set of Global knives as a thank you gift!
    I truly can not believe I’ve been using shit knives forever and didn’t realise what a life/kitchen changer this is!!!

  3. The Immune Booster is a game changer both my kids have been on it for the last year and it definitely helps.
    I’m going to try the brow chunky pencil as I love having full brows 👍🥂thanks for the tips!

  4. Loving eyebrow crayons – I’ve tried the Maybelline one, which was good, but I found there’s also a revlon one which sticks onto eyebrows but not much onto skin so the mistakes don’t show up as much. Winning!

  5. Can I ask what colour eyebrow pencil you got? I’ve tried before to get one but I find it hard to pick the right colour!

  6. You have to try Nyx eyebrow cake powder!! Eyebrow game changer. I get mine for about $10 on eBay – it comes with a wax which makes sure the powder stays on

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