Skin update: What I have been doing/using

I thought I’d do an updated post on one I wrote a few months ago about what’s the best products to put on my face. There were SO many good comments and more than a couple that doubled and tripled up on what was good. So thought I would do a solid round up on what was suggested by lots of YOU and then give an update on what I have been doing too.

I have to say, that right now my skin is feeling the best it has for a LONG time. Granted I have just come off ANOTHER round of antibiotics for my dreaded and persistent perioral dermatitis but I have been feeling good about what combination I am using and of course have stepped up in the makeup stakes as well to try and work out how to be a grown up given that I about to turn 40 in a few weeks time.

What I have been doing

I have switched a few things out. I have changed from the Go-To Cleaner as I feel like it was drying my skin out a little too much. I also have had about 4 emails from different people who have had perioral dermatitis who have used Go-to and have struggled a bit with it – so who knows the connection between the two.

Skin basics: clean & moisture

I have switched out the go-to cleanser and have been using this Clinque one and it’s been GREAT. I think my skin is getting dryer than a Nun’s you know what the older that I get so these softer cleansers may be better. I also had a few people suggest things like cream cleansers and oil cleaners that may be something I might try down the track. But both this cleanser and moisturiser have been great. I use the moisturiser twice a day and after I clean and use an oil. I bought these small sample sizes and will definitely get the bigger ones next time around.

I have also run out of the Go-To Face hero (that I LOVE) but was sent these from Kirsten who has just launched her own range Skin Boss. These are a little lighter than the Go-to and I love the scent of the night time one (lavender). I use them after cleaning and always whack the moisturiser on top of them straight after (you would think it might be too much but it’s totally not). I really have noticed a glow on the skin during the week when I don’t actually wear all that much make up and generally I think my skin is moist (eeeew) and DEWY. True! Highly recommend these a good two weeks into using them. They are $45 a bottle.

Make up and trying to be a lady

In my attempt to be a grown up because I apparently am one now, I made an appointment with a make up artist and was the annoying person asking ALL THE QUESTIONS. This appointment cost like $99 but that went towards product to buy at the time (of course you will always spend more) and this one was with MAC. Any brand would do it though. I found it SO useful and am thrilled with what I bought.

I invested in a big palette that I had tips on what goes with what. I have been watching You Tube videos (yes they are a thing!) I would recommend Lisa Eldridge (dear lord I could listen to her talk for hours) and Glinda Wand (Jacqui the awesome make up artist on the shoot I have just been on who I also knew from Channel 7 days). I have been having a play around as much as I can and you know it just takes practice. Have fun – don’t be scared and look out there online there is SO much stuff out there to learn from. SO much!

At least I am having a crack!

I also invested in brushes which make a difference – the better they are the better job they will do!

And I seriously love this eyebrow product that I came across from the make up artist in my MAC session (even though this is not MAC) it’s from Art DECO. I have had so many compliments on my eyebrows and I swear the only difference is using this. Go dark! I know it can seem scary at first but it truly makes such a difference. That and getting a eyebrow wax and tint as often as you can. And don’t touch them!

I will also be checking out this illuminating powder that Nikki has suggested that you can buy from her shop that will certainly make you look like you are glowing!

Suggestions from you guys

I have trawled through the hundreds of comments on social media and on the post and have highlighted ones that were suggested over and over again. The more of you that say something is good, the more likely it is to be don’t you think? So these are your suggestions, compacted into a list that I will refer back to and will be buying and trying out down the track.

MECCA Better than Sex Mascara
Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara
Clinque Lash Power tubular Mascara
Enjo Face cleaning glove

So that’s my update from the last few months…open to any other suggestions and I hope this helps a few of you that may have been as overwhelmed as I was after reading all those awesome suggestions. Hope this helps somewhat and I will be sure to give another update in another 2 months or so.

So what’s something you have been using you are loving?
Any tips/hacks to share?


  1. I LOVE AND ADORE LISA Eldridge too! Because I hardly wear makeup now, when I do have to watch a clip of hers first too! Such a blessing. Your make up looks gorgeous! ♡

  2. Great job with the makeup Beth! A friend RAVES about the Love My Face tonic for dry skin –

  3. I’m sorry, but most of what you are using is just a waste of money. You are a lovely lady and it makes me sad that in the year 2017, women are still spending billions of dollars on the skin care industry. Make up does not make you a grown up. You have a great family and a sucessful business. You are a kind and generous person-it shines through? Make up changes nothing about the person you are. Sorry, I just see too many women out there thinking they need to change how they look to be happy and they are still misery on the inside. I don’t want this stuff sold as a right of passage for women. I have two daughters and I don’t want this for them. BTW don’t freak-I’m in the car on my husbands phone if his name pops up, I am infact of the female persuasion!

    • Thanks for this – I certainly don’t do this to try to change how I look I do love my face as it is. Just trying to look after it as all. My girls see me 98% of the time without make up on too!

  4. I like Caroline Hirons for skincare advice and product reviews. Similarly I’ve been trying to up my skincare game approaching 40, and the most wondrous product I’ve found is Dr Dennis Gross Daily Peel – fantastic exfoliating product in little sachets and great for travel. Also Aesop Fabulous Face Oil.

  5. I have really, really dry skin too! I am also sort of cheap when it comes to beauty products and I try to avoid chemicals in skincare so I simply buy bottles of pure almond oil, rose hip oil or even macadamia nut oil (yes, from the cooking oil section of the supermarket!!). It does the same job keeping my skin moistened without the unnecessary chemicals and unnatural scents. I certainly wouldn’t be putting oils on oily skin, but as you also have dry skin I thought i’d mention it!

  6. I love the colours in your eyeshadow palette. Can I trouble you to list their names, as they look like colours I would like to try!

  7. Hi Beth

    I’ve been trying out a few items from The Ordinary and I got to say, I’m loving them. They are extremely well priced and have very active ingredients. My skin can be very sensitive and I am not having any issues with these ingredients. I’m also susceptible to dermatitis. I find I am more sensitive to “natural” ingredients like essential oils than I am to chemicals. Do they upset your dermatitis?

  8. Hi Beth, love your work lovely lady! Can I just put a whole other option out there – I have been using Paula’s choice products for years and really adore them. There is even a paulas choice aus website these days and they have a multitude of different products to choose from for different skin types but as far as a few to recommend:
    They have a great creme cleanser (I have very similar sounding skin to you!) called the “resist optimal hydration” cleanser which is bloody amazing and not drying.
    They also have a wonderful omega serum which is amazing, so hydrating an is kind of a combo between moisturiser/oil/serum which works a treat under a moisturiser
    I personally LOVE they’re BHA exfoliants and retinol products.
    They have a multitude of information on their site for you to read through – I honestly love their products so much and the point of it has always been a no bullshit, do what they say approach. I have strayed before but have come back for good after realising how much better they are then anything else. My sister has always used them to and she also has premolar dermatitis and finds they work for her. Anyway – just putting it out there as an option!

  9. Try Laroche Posay products for your skin type. Less irritating especially with your dermatitis. Love Toleriane moisturiser and for spf Uvidea XL and Anthelios bb creams. Good value from Chemist Warehouse or Priceline when 40% off. Not a fan of foaming cleansers. Too drying. Also essential oils like lavender can be irritating. At night to remove makeup I love Body Shop’s Sumptuous Camomile Cleansing Butter, Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser in the morning, wash with muslin face cloths to remove both. ☺

  10. Lisa Aherne says

    I am older and am over using all the expensive high end products for my skin care. These days less is definitely more. I bought the Skin Boss oils and love them. A week after starting my face feels extra soft and smooth. Because of my age I will source a nasties free moisturiser to use only if I apply make-up. Otherwise I use Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer which has a 30 plus sunscreen. This has saved my face for years on the golf course. I need to focus more on bringing out my eyes, but am a bit timid that too heavy makeup will fight with my wrinkles. Anyone have any advice on that?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Lisa Eldridge does a great set of tutorials for more mature women. Worth also checking out is Hannah Martin who is a Bobbi Brown make up ambassador. She has some specific tutorials. If you are not keen on watching a vid then use a wash of colour across your lids (a soft brown satin finish is universally flattering) and some mascara. If you can be bothered smudge in a soft brown liner on top lash line at the edges for some gentle definition. A peachy or rose gloss on your lips, a smidgen of blush on the apples of your cheeks and you are good to go!

    • Agree with above – Lisa will have some videos I am sure. Have a look on You tube too searching for videos with that kind of name and you may be surprised with what comes up. Good luck Lisa!

  11. I use Dermalogica skin care. After years in the harsh Territory sun I have skin damage, even though I was diligent and covered up with hats and sunscreen. The difference in my skin is amazing. My new favourite is the Skin Perfect Primer in the Age Smart range . Whatever products you choose to use, set a routine to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise. Your skin will look and feel amazing.
    I also use Melli cosmetics. Melli is Australian made for Australian conditions and I just love my custom blend foundation. Their Velvet Primer is a mousse and is the only product I found that could form a great foundation for makeup in the tropics.

  12. Looking gorgeous, good for you. I love seeing women doing something for themselves which makes them feel great!!!

  13. I use Go-To products and love them, so I guess different skin types react to them?
    My absolute must have mascara is Kevyn Aucoin Volume from Mecca. $40 a tube but seriously awesome product. Plus it comes off literally with two swipes in shower under warm water. Zero panda eyes.
    Shell – this is just fun. I have daughters as well and tell them they are gorgeous as is, but if they feel like having fun and trying a new look then go for it! Do you wear clothes? The same could be said. Just wear a hessian bag and don’t be a slave to fashion.

  14. I had perioral dermatitis last year and had to totally change my skin care, hair care and makeup to be sulfate mineral oil and paraben free. Sunscreen must be mineral as well as my Foundation or I have a flare up!

    I use some Go -To which seems to still work for me, but alternate with an elemis balm cleasner for the evening which helps with the dryness (40-something skin, good times). So do properly Clean am, then a Madara organic moisturiser and a Mecca mineral sunscreen (life changing!). Evenings I cleanse with Elemis, follow with Face Hero, then the Madara moisturiser. I use exfoliating swipeys once a week.

    Your makeup looks fantastic – well done!

  15. Your skin and makeup looks amazing! Thanks so much for including Skin Boss in the mix and for providing us with so many helpful make up tips. Much appreciated!

  16. I had perioral dermatitis earlier this year (well that’s what I suspected it was from reading approx ten thousand internet pages about it). I noticed a HUGE difference in doing two things: eliminating dairy from my diet and using Moo-Goo natural skincare products!! (I was using Go-To before as well).

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