Matters of the head: What to put on your face & hair

I sometimes wonder how I am a grown up at all. I mean, I think there should be lessons on how to do all the things that we should know how to do by now. In a few months I will be turning 40 and I think that by now I would have figured shit out. But it’s not the case. Now I know in matters of the home and kitchen, I am pretty good in that area. It interests me, I have a passion and love for it, so I kind of stay on top of what is cool and what is available because I like it.

But then there’s other areas of adult life that I have no clue about. And I know that so many others DO so I thought I would seek help. In matters of the head.

Namely what to put on my face and hair. Because I literally have zero clues. Like most things I do, there’s confidence and talking up, but I have NO clue. And I think that’s because I really don’t have that much interest in it…but I know that lots of YOU do, so let’s help each other out.

What I want to know is….ALL OF THE THINGS.

Let’s start with make up. Because this is me.

I don’t follow anyone that knows how to do makeup. I don’t have time to watch any YouTube tutorials on how to do makeup. I actually just kind of make it up from stuff that people have shown me from Nutrimetrics parties in the early 90’s. Man I wish I was kidding. I also have blogging friends that know way more about this stuff than me so I kind of listen and do what they tell me, but I still have NO CLUE.

So what I really want to know is this (and sure it’s like asking something that there is no definitive answer to but I want your sisterly, best friend, shit you tell your friends they MUST buy at school pick up because it’s THAT good) kind of thing.

1. What is the best mascara you use or have ever used?
2. What is the best eye shadow you use or have ever used?
3. What is the best eye liner you use or have ever used?
4. What is the best brow product you use or have ever used?

This is what I currently use on my face which is MADE UP AND BASED ON NOTHING BUT KIND OF WORKS I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE A BEAUTY BLOGGER. But in the benefit of me asking you, here’s what I use.


1. Elizabeth Arden foundation because Nikki told me to use it and I have and love it. I’ve been using it for a few years now and buy it online from DJ’s or Myer. It’s good. But is there something better?!

2. A reader sent me the Lipsense red lipstick which is like some kind of sorcery. It’s wet, dries, then you add the gloss and it stays on all day. Doesn’t come off. Ever. It’s pretty full on though so not sure if it’s sucking the actual life out of my lips. Looks GREAT though and gets lots of compliments and lasts all day through eating and drinking.

3. Bobbi Brown Mascara because Claire from Checks & Spots told me in a post YEARS ago and I do what I am told. I buy it online from DJ’s or Myer and it’s good.

4. Benefit Watts up Highlighter on the old cheek bones. Have had this for years and it’s good.

But can you see what I mean? I have NO CLUE. I want a good eyeshadow and have no clue or desire to know, someone just tell me. And the other products too – what do you LOVE LOVE LOVE? Just tell me and I’ll buy it, you know?

Cleaning stuff

I’m still using the Go-To products but have found that I am mainly using these two for the cleaning and the oil. But I am finding that the old skin is drier than ever before so I am adding in extra moisturisers because: DRY OLD LADY SKIN. The everyday cream just isn’t doing it for me any more (the swipe exfoliaters are good) but it’s only these two I am reordering over and over again.

So my friend gave me a tube of this to try which is FULL ON and rich but leaves me dewy and I will take dewy any day of the week.

I’m not sure if I will buy a big tube when I am done. Who knows? I just want a thick, moisturising, smoothy moisturiser. How hard is that? What’s best?! Cut through the bullshit, what’s the best?

And I have recently had my perioral dermatitis back again. It’s very boring.

Hair stuff

I’ve taken to the supermarket blonde toner. Now this is the latest one I got from Coles, under a tenner I think maybe a little more, and it just keeps things icy. I have used other colour toners that are even cheaper and they are ok too to take out the brassy-ness. I wash normally, chuck in the purple straight on for a few minutes (don’t bother with the gloves which is probs not what you should do) and then condition after. It’s good.

This BHave gun powder is the goods. This was sent to me with a whole range of stuff from Bhave but they are great products. This powder especially good for grit and grip when my hair is clean.

And when the girls had nits in the summer holidays this was the best product by far. I have extra bottles of it in case we get another break out but I loved this the most (especially for Mags who has such thing hair that the comb couldn’t get through as you didn’t need to comb). Plus it didn’t look like a oil slick after you washed their hair and didn’t smell like a eucalyptus tree that makes your eyes water. I got it from the chemist but I think you can get it online.

So that’s my top products or what I’m currently using to be more honest. I’d love to know a great eyeshadow and mascara, and moisturiser for old lady skin like me. Like I told the ladies at my events “BUY THE SCANPAN ROASTER DON’T ASK QUESTIONS JUST BUY IT” I want someone to tell me the same thing for my head and face and hair. Just tell me what’s good, I would believe YOU over an ad in a magazine or on the telly.

In advance, thank you. I know I can’t be alone with this shit.

Hit us up with ALL OF THE BEST NON BULLSHIT BEAUTY PRODUCTS because I am not bovvered. Many thanks!

And this is obviously not sponsored nor does it contain any affiliate links or the like. I have paid for everything and where I have been given something, I have disclosed as such. As I said, not a beauty blogger.


  1. Get yourself a Napolean contour palette – best thing I ever did. 3 simple colours and you end up looking like a kardashian – I had so many people comment on my makeup since I started using it and it dead set takes me 5 seconds to use in the mornings

  2. Hey Beth

    The best everyday foundation is Missha BB Cream – you can buy it off ebay for like $20 and it’s better than the $60 foundations I’ve tried. Hard to guess the right colour online but I’m a 23 and we look similar complexions. It is very forgiving.

    Best Mascara – Too Faced Better Than Sex – apparently it’s the biggest selling mascara ever in the history of all time

    That’s my 2 cents!
    Jess xx

  3. Currently in love with NARS everything. Suggest you head to Mecca and get the girls there to have a play. It’s not all expensive. Get some good size brushes to apply your eyeshadow. Much quicker and looks more blended without fiddling. Lipstick I head to Bobbi Brown and Mac and trust their judgement.I know I can’t wear really bright colors no I am older. I always have three different colours on the go at anytime. I also get my brows waxed and tinted monthly. Makes a big difference.

  4. Without sounding like I am bragging, I often get asked what I do with my skin. The answer is very simple. Not very much. I use enjo face mitt. QV night cream. Olay moisturiser.
    In saying that, maybe one day soon I will need to upgrade to a stealth night cream, but right now I am happy.
    I have also had botox for medical reasons – and that shit it amazing!. Funny story, the first round ny neurologist only jabbed half my face. It was hilarious! So, in the future, I won’t be ruling Botox out either.
    Makeup, I love maybelline volume express mascara and The Body Shop eyebrow kit

  5. I have just started using endota spa products for cleaning my face and although not cheap, my face looks and feels amazing. I was given a facial voucher and told the poor girl doing it that I was completely clueless and apart from water, did very little else with my face. She was fabulous and told me exactly what I needed. takes me 3 minutes once a day and my skin (and pimply rash) all gone. I however, don’t wear any makeup…. Again, completely clueless! so will keep my eye on your post for recommendations.

  6. I like my matt palette by Tarte. After 40, shimmer shadow should only go on the brow bone. I also like the Urban Decay Matt shadow palette. Mascara…my friend swears by the Lancôme one, but at $28 US I can’t do it. I keep going back to good old Great Lash in the pink and green tube. I do like the one with the pointed brush…so much easier to apply to the lower lashes.

  7. Beth.
    I love how you just post about the most random shit that everyone actually needs to know… now can you do a post on the best brands of prosecco and we are set for life. You’ve done the undies post, now your doing the hair and make up post, you’ve done the homewares… Next up is prosecco and we’re done!

  8. I am a Beauty Manager and MUA. I personally build a skin and make up plan for each customer individually however here are some products that are good value and would suit you.

    Firstly skin. Try Avene Rich Compensating Cream. Will actually help with your dermatitis. Move onto a cream cleanser, will hydrate and clean. I like Antipodes.

    Use a primer. Try Napoleon Perdis Auto Piot in the gold bottle. Soothes the skin, you’ll use less foundation and will stop your skin from absorbing the foundation. As a dry skin type you might like NP AP brightening primer, it will give a dewy finish.

    If you want a cheaper foundation that will last all day grab Designer Brands Longwear. Only $15 a bottle.

    For your brows go Revlon Brow Fantasy. Pencil and Brow mascara in one. Brow heaven.

    I have many mascaras, try Maybelline pumped up for a full lash.

    Have fun!

  9. I feel like I’m still working this out too but the things that I am happy with are:
    FACE – Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting UV Cream SPF 30 (Mrs Woog recommended this) and Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector;
    EYES – Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (the pink and green tube), Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner (Styling You put me on to this one) and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (these are fabulous – great range of colours and beautiful texture).
    My normal routine is wash and moisturise my face and then add a couple of dabs of the CC Cream (a little goes a long way). Then it’s usually just eyeliner on the top lid (thickness and colour varies depending on outfit and occasion and mascara – I tend to use a dark brown more often than black as I find it a bit softer now that I’m mid 40s! I have blue, green and purple which also get used a bit) . And normally a bold lip as pale colours don’t suit my complexion. I use this combo for work and day outings. If I’m going out out (which hardly ever happens because “Hello Parenthood Without Babysitters” I would swap the eyeliner for eyeshadow – don’t have any recommendations there as I don’t really need it as I hardly ever go out at night! Hope this helps.

  10. I think you need to up the game now that you are nearing 40. You need a serum and vitamin C, hyaluronic acid in products. I have just discovered ‘The Ordinary’ products from Canada. Available through adore beauty. Check them out, they are very reasonably priced. No affiliation.

    I haven’t found the holy grail of foundation in over 30 years. Chi Chi (Target, wait for the specials) do a good eyeshadow palette, matte and glossy. Benefit eye bright highlighter in waterline and corners of eyes wakes you up. I use any mascara, buy them from the drugstores when in US, so cheap.

    Treat yourself to a facial once every couple of months, it makes a world of difference and it’s lovely.

  11. Steph Hurd says

    Love make up! Here’s my top tips for your questions;

    Gimme brow gel from Benefit
    Builds your brow, looks totally natural and easy ish to use. Get the benefit girls to show you how to use it the first time. I am 42 with light brows that are starting to get sparse, this shit is the bomb.

    Lash Power mascara from Clinique
    Google “tubular mascara” and “Zoe Foster” and she’ll explain it all. I love it more than any mascara ever. Makes my lashes long, never budges or smudges and separates beautifully.

    Other old favs
    NARS orgasm blush, so easy natural and suits everyone
    I am newly in love with the tinted moisturiser from NARS too it goes on so beautifully
    Love Go-to but you’re on that
    Also loving Hourglass dim light highlighter, either in the cream or power, goes on like a dream and use it on top of the cheekbones and around the brow bone, gives an instagran looking filter finish ?

  12. I was given some samples by my beautician of ‘Payot Supreme Jeunesse’ (google it!) – it’s is hands down the most amazing product i’ve ever used in my life!!! However, i’m yet to purchase said product due to the exorbitant price tag – you better sit down before you look that one up! They apparently do gift packs at xmas time that can work out about half the price – it’s already on my wish list!

  13. With regards to cleansers and moisturizers, my female dermatologist says you are wasting your money on the the fancy products – she recommends Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturising lotion, no matter what your age.They make a range for acne prone skin too. They have SPF day creams in both ranges.Dirt cheap and available everywhere. FYI though, I took my 84 year Mum to the GP the other day because her hair is falling out. Turns out she has a dermatits of the scalp but the GP said that hair loss in women is increasing drastically in recent decades. They think there may be a link between the chemicals in SPF sun blocks and the hair loss.

  14. I was once told that cleanser stays on your face for about 30 seconds so why invest in it? I’ve had bad acne on and off since teenage years and the only thing I can use Day in day out without reacting is a cetaphil cleanser , does the job perfectly. And a mars makeup remover

    As a foundation I use nars cream foundation and nars blush and bronzer (Laguna!). I use hourglass illuminating powder as a powder.

    I’m still on the hunt for the best mascara! Everyone says the Maybelline pink and green but I find it really dark and it runs… I did love ester lauder double wear mascara but have found lately it’s not as good, maybe they changed it?

    I just use Nivea moisturiser but my skin isn’t amazing, I go in the sun way too much and have loads of pigmentation after three pregnancy – if anyone has a magic cure for that I’d love to know! Thinking laser and light treatment…

    • My pigmentation is terrible too – worse after the 3rd.

    • Try the Clinique lash power mascara! Separates lashes beautifully and does not transfer at all. It’s a tubular mascara so lengthens really well too. Google tubular and Zoe foster for an explanation on how it works, it really is amazing. There are a few different types but my fav is the Clinique one so far. Don’t get Blinc, although it’s more dramatic than the Clinique one it stays too wet for too long so can be messier.

  15. Retired Make-Up Artist here.

    Make-up is bloody confusing, especially as there are SO many products and SO many skin types, face shapes, eye shapes, lip shapes…. what suits someone perfectly may not suit you at all.

    It can be worth booking a consultation with a MUA where they can design a few looks for you (day/evening/special occasion) that are easy to replicate. Most MUA’s are happy to do this!

    1. What is the best mascara you use or have ever used? DiorShow but it’s expensive AF for a mascara. Benefit have good ones but honestly, Maybelline and similar priced products are excellent for daily wear.

    2. What is the best eye shadow you use or have ever used? Stila range, particularly Kitten for a subtle colour that works on most people. MAC, NARS and even Sephora’s own brand are good too. One or two shadows in colours you’ll always use are far better value than big palettes of rainbow hues.

    3. What is the best eye liner you use or have ever used? Bourjois eyeliner pencils are great and a good price. For liquid liner, YSL have great products that don’t smudge, but $$$.

    4. What is the best brow product you use or have ever used? Get them shaped and tinted, then fill in any gaps with a good eye shadow and angled brush. Brow pencils can look waxy or uneven – but someone might have a good rec for you.

    Other tips:
    – Often you get what you pay for, especially in terms of foundation and lipsticks. That said, there are SO many products out there, it’s worth trying a bunch. You might find an affordable product that sits well on the skin. It’s purely trial and error – MUA’s get annoyed about it too. Just make ONE DECENT FOUNDATION PLZ…

    – Expired products will never look right. Liquids and waxes expire fast (the shelf life of lip gloss is mere months). Expired products also harbour bacteria which won’t help skin issues.

    – Good tools and clean tools for building your look. Invest in brushes, sponges etc and keep them clean to ward off bacteria.

    – As others have said, it starts with good skincare. You can use the most expensive products on neglected skin and they just won’t sit right.

    I could talk for hours. They should teach this stuff at school, it’s not instinctive and takes practise. That said, you’ve always looked smashing Beth!

  16. Better than Sex Mascara…
    I can’t recommend this enough, I just had it recommended to me, it is as the name suggests

  17. My sister is Mecca Maxima obsessed. She dragged me in to have my face done. I ended up waking out with Bobbi Brown’s longwear foundation in a colour that matches! Unheard of! I usually live in that, any ole translucent powder I pick up on sale, and a cream stick eyeshadow. My favourite is Nevada Gold from the Body Shop. I am not fancy 😉

  18. The Jojoba Company Youth Potion with a few drops of Frankincense and lavender essential oil applied at night after washing your face. All natural and WORKS WONDERS for dry/tired skin.

  19. I have use gentle basics and add prescription Retin-A, Vitamin C Serums and a beautiful Caudalie oil that may be too irritating for your skin coz of the fragrance (lavender, rosemary).


    Neutrogena Gentle Skin Cleanser

    Avene Thermal Spring Water

    Love love love Cerave PM

    Toleriane when skin is extra dry/flaky from Retin A

    Was using the Cerave AM (spf) lotion also but stocked up on some la roche posay during Priceline’s 40% off recently and love this:

    and this


    Llight/medium coverage foundation recommend Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
    Lisa Eldridge loves this and if you google you’ll see great reviews:

    Just bought the Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation for when I want more coverage, 1/2 price at Chemist Warehouse atm – this has more coverage than the Healthy Mix and I’m liking it so far.

    Also this Maybelline mascara that’s supposed to be similar to Better than Sex, but yet to try,

    Usually use Maybelline Full & Soft mascara for a natural look also is contact-lens wearing friendly and Benefit’s They’re Real for evening.

    NYX blushes are good.

    Benefit Hoola bronzer.

    While you’re on iherb get yourself a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to blend your bb/cc/foundation.

    I’ve got quite a collection of these brushes, purchased from iherb where they’re so much cheaper than here.

    MAC lippies
    Rimmel lippies
    Addicted to Revlon Lip Butter lippies – sadly discontinued so have to buy on ebay – this one for everyday (like Clinique Black Honey if you recall?) Lip a tinted balm but more colour.

    And more dramatic Red Velvet

  20. Sephora brand eyeliners are good
    Kerastase shampoo & conditioner forever
    Loreal Everpure when broke:

  21. Better then sex mascara (yep it’s actually called that)
    It’s amazing ?

  22. Liquid Lipsticks – brand called Modelrock. They’re Matte, they don’t dry your lips and they have staying power!
    Eyeliner – Gerard cosmetics eternal eyeliner (it’s a liquid and staying power of amazing+10)
    Mascara – benefit roller lash. Diorshow. Went N Wild for a cheap option.
    Eyeshadow – I love concrete minerals. But wet n Wild do some nice basic 4 color palettes that tell you where to apply so that’s handy the Makeup Table has loads of fabulousness I listed

  23. Original Mineral hair products, weleda wild rose smoothing face cream, benefit they’re real! Mascara, IT CC+ cream

  24. Hi Beth:

    Skin – Thalgo Cream Cleanser (gentle) and Collagen Cream, a bit exp. but can usually find online for reasonable price. I have been using for years and highly recommend.
    Foundation/CC – Stila, had a makeup consult done at Mecca a number of years ago and it was the best thing ever. Apparently I was using the totally wrong foundation for my age.
    Mascara – Better than Sex (as above its amazing)
    Eye Shadow – can’t be arsed – have never learnt how to do it. Usually make my 16 year old do it if required.
    Hair – Matrix Biology Colour Care – again exp. in store but reasonable online.

  25. Hi Beth
    My skin sounds very similiar to yours. I have tried many many face creams over the years and I sometimes stray but always come back to what really delivers enough moisture, sinks in, lasts and is a good base under make up and it’s the Jurlique Moisture Replenishing day cream. I use it with a face oil like jojoba or rose hip. It is thick but not as tacky as the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which I have also tried but found it a bit sticky and less creamy like the Jurlique is.
    I am not up with all the latest make up trends but I have just discovered the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince lipstick. It’s green! But when you apply, it goes on sheer, and brings out your natural lip colour. It has shea butter in it so it’s moisturising and great for this time of year. Apparently it is one of Mecca’s biggest sellers so I feel kind of hip having discovered it ha!
    Good luck with finding what works for you. I look forward to reading what the other posts have recommended too ?

    • That sounds so cool – must try it. Thanks for sharing Tamara!

    • Michelle says

      My 43 year old skin is super dry as well and I love the Jurlique moisture replenishing cream! Especially for winter. I find it a bit too much for summer but in winter I end up with lovely dewy skin which normally never happens for me!! Have been using the go-to products but same as you, I ended up sticking with just the oil and cleanser on repeat.

      Mascara, despite what someone else mentions above, I love Blinc! The tubular mascaras are the only ones that don’t end up halfway down my face! But the game changer for me was to use an eyelash primer. Who knew they even existed?! It’s Blinc brand as well and it kind of builds length on your lashes before putting the mascara on. It’s amazing!! I get them both from Adore beauty.

      Good luck! I’ll be trying your lip sense lipstick too. I do love Bobbi Brown lippies cause they’re so creamy but a lippy that stays put while eating sounds like a miracle 🙂

  26. Love the urban decay eyeshadow palettes.

  27. Hello Beth
    I would highly recommend Kiehls for skincare. I have switched to Kiehls from dermalogica and my skin has never been better. Clearly corrective white purifying cleanser, clearly corrective skin brightening exfoliator, clearly corrective brightening and smoothing moisture treatment- so rich but light- sinks completely into your skin. Kiehls are also super happy to give samples so you can try everything first.
    I love MAC eyeshadow- satin taupe, sable, naked lunch and brûlée are my favs.
    Benefit gimme brow gel is amazing.

  28. My eyes are sensitive to lots of makeup removers and I love to wear mascara. Clinique do a couple of mascaras which don’t give me panda eyes and come off with warm water. I do the face clean at night with a face washer rinsed in warm water and it comes off beautifully. I’ve tried a couple of other brands which are also warm water clean up ( called a tubing mascara I think ) but I like the Clinique and it is easy to get at any beg department store. I am not confident with make up and I have several times gone into the Body shop and got great advice and a demonstration. My sister used to work there an I know she did a lot of training so I figure they are giving good advice.

  29. Definitely start with getting your skin hydrated first. Switch to an oil and or cream cleanser. I tend to use both oil first cleanse then cream. Your skin will thank you. Agree with the comment above re the avene moisturiser. They tend to be good for dry sensitive skin. You’ve already got the face oil so layer up to keep as hydrated as possible – you’ll need it in this cold weather. The swipeys will be good for also getting rid of that surface layer of dead cells and bringing some glow out.

    Re makeup – also agree with the comment re a primer. Australis hd is also good for the money. I mix and match my base depending on what coverage I want but love hourglass illusion for the glow factor. Mascara I’m finicky about. I’m really sensitive to when the formula dries even slightly which of course all do and some I notice a difference after just a couple of weeks. Hence I know tend to use maybelline pumped up – and stock up when half price. Sure hurts less than tossing a Lancôme after a few short weeks.

  30. Absolutely no idea about skin care. I change brands ridiculously often searching for The One.
    What I do know about is mascara! It’s this one…. LOreal Voluminous. Used it for a trillion years, and it’s the BEST. Ive been gifted others ..Dior, Benefit, blah blah but not a patch on LOreal.

  31. I was using the Go To cleanser and my face dried like nobodies’ business! Have switched back to QV foaming cleanser. Use the Go To oil, Go To moisturiser and sunscreen for day, and switch to Avene (mentioned above) at night.

    Mascara – Maybelliene Great Lash. Will not use anything else!
    Foundation – tarte Amazonian clay stuff (from Sephora), although it’s quite matte and I need something more dewy for winter
    CC cream (I think) is bare minerals from Mecca Maxima. Good for day use! While we’re on bare minerals, get their powder concealer thing (also from Mecca) – only thing I’ve ever used that actually covers redness and spots!
    Magic product – Stila one step correct. It’s sort of a serum, sort of a primer. Has purple, peach, green which you mix together and makes sense look fabulous! Worth every cent (from Mecca)
    Brows – have only just started using eyebrow stuff, but have an Urban Decay pencil (also from Mecca – I think I have a problem) and it’s dead easy to use.

  32. I agree with trying the better than sex mascara by too faced its awesome! You should try the moisture overnight mask or what ever it is called by Clinique for moisturiser (its in a blue jar) and theres another one with around about the same name which is in a pink tub. Both lovely and moisturising. I use the go to moisturiser atm which is fab. Oh you should also try the Bare Minerals SkinLongevitiy serum….. that stuff is a miracle worker for giving glory skin!

  33. MrsMacca7 says

    I feel like this post may make things more confusing once we all have our say! I will only mention DERMALOGICA for all things face. My hubby and I share the products and they have done really wonderful things for his rosacea. He now is much more confident about his skin. The products last for ages so its very cost effective and very highly recommended.

  34. I had no idea about make up and just kept buying the same old products until my super stylish sis-in-law suggested I go to Mecca which was the best move I ever made! I booked in a consultation which cost $90 (which goes towards products you buy at the end), I went on an afternoon when I had a big 40th birthday party to go to that night, the staff are SO helpful and sweet and didn’t let me feel like a 43 with no idea! They did a super job with my make up, talking me through the products the whole way through and how to apply them and I got so many compliments that night. I spent quite a bit on products at the end of the session, but they have lasted for 18 months, definatley a great investment. I bought Terry Eclat Opulent nutri-lifting foundation which is dewy and luxurious, I bought Terry mascara, eye shadow pencil, a concealer and Hourglass bronzer. I went to the Double Bay store which was lovely, but they have stores all over Sydney. For every day I use Ultraceuticals sheer tint moisturiser instead of foundation. These are lovely products for my skin and age, I also use their moisturiser for night and cleanser.

  35. You know hat I could talk about this until kingdom come, but to be short and sweet:
    Mascara: Ester Lauder Double Wear. Wildly underrated but a total game-changer. Doesn’t budge even in the worst humidity and crucially is not waterproof so any makeup remover will take it off. A little bit of a wet formula so it doesn’t dry straight away, but you get used to that so quickly , and makes your lashes look Phenomenal with a capital-P.
    Eyeshadow: if you’re looking for powder, go Mac. Can’t beat it for shade options and the formula is basically gold standard. BUT have you thought of using a stick shadow? The Nars ones are so incredibly good, stay on forever and ever, and you can just whack it on, smoosh with your finger a bit, then forget about it. Particularly, the shade Oaxaca because there is not one person who I have put this on that doesn’t look beautiful – basically just smooths out the pigmentation on the eyelids and makes everything look “done” without looking overblown.
    Moisturiser: Clarins all the way. No nonsense, beautiful formulas which are super hydrating, easy to get hold of, and are actually pretty sophisticated on the line between pure and high tech. If you go to the counter just feel and sqidge all the textures til you find one that feels just the right amount of rich. Also, layering a serum underneath is the best way to keep it all locked in – the Aesop ones are amazing. Expensive, but super effective in lightweight and non-cloggy textures.
    Foundation: Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation!! Couldn’t recommend it enough. Can build it up, never looks unnatural or cakey, and works well even if your skin is feeling poorly or dry one day.
    Cleanser: Clinique Take the Day Off balm followed by any old cleanser – the combo will remove every last bit of anything on your face.

    All totally out of order but definitely holy grails!

  36. Maryanne says

    Hi Beth,
    I have spent thousands on cleansers , wipes, creams and potions for myself and three daughters all with varying success. I read about these make up removal cloths and everything has changed. I’ve bought the pricier one at Sephora for about $33
    and a cheaper one from Sportsgirl (about $8).
    Both work a treat! All you do is soak one end in a bit of warm water and wipe. They remove every speck of makeup (Red lipstick, dark eyeliner, foundation, everything!!). No more cream for any of us. We have a few rotating each and you just chuck them in the washing machine. I saw they have one for sale at chemist warehouse–rdQCFZkDKgodMzQAKA
    and I’m sure it works the same. We are saving heaps and all of our faces are benefiting.

  37. Hey lovely Beth! This is so great 🙂 I’m reading all these fab comments with relish!! The only thing I can definitively say is a constant thumbs-up for me would be:
    Aveda mineral tinted moisturiser with SPF 15
    For the days you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing makeup as it’s light weight, but still has good coverage. When I’m doing the school run, out in the garden, hanging at home or going to the shops it’s perfect for me as I’m a full makeup for work or occasion type person only 🙂
    I hope that’s helpful
    Luv Liz XO

  38. I too am clueless and generally can’t be arsed, but I now use Enjo cleansing pads which are truly amazing. They take off all make-up including waterproof, and you just chuck them in the washing machine and they come out like new. My skin is really stable now, whereas I used to get frequent and random outbreaks of pimples. And I really like that there is no waste.

  39. Apple cider vinegar left on overnight for headlice! I found it be the only thing that works fast and stay away!

  40. Ok Beth, get thee off to the Caroline Hirons website and read her blog posts (the cheat sheets she does are so so so good) and watch her Youtube videos. She has changed my skincare world and I recommend everyone check her out. A reader wrote somewhere above that nearing 40 you need to start looking into a serum, vitamin C etc- I second this. Have a look on her website, she knows her skincare shit!

    Get some cheap flannels and do double cleansing- most important tip I have! Surprisingly, I’ve been really happy with Clinique mascara (most brands leave the arvo black stain under my eyes) and Nars lip pencils are the easiest to apply and most satisfying lip product, they last ages on!

    For a Platinum, I’ve been using Fabuloso- the purple one – from Evo for about three years and it delivers each and every time. Am going to buy your toner from Coles next time I’m in, as it’s cheaper!


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