Beth Says: Pop a Prosecco!


If there’s one thing I am good at, besides making a bed or keeping my floors clean it’s drinking Prosecco. Oh, and eating butter. I have been rabbiting on about Prosecco for many years now and I often get asked what’s good, or what’s the best one to get etc so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.

Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine, a little lighter than the robust French champagne, it comes from the Northern areas of Italy and instead of being fermented in oak it’s done in stainless steel tanks. Its dry and crisp and has enjoyed an increase in popularity over the past decade. It’s certainly cheaper than French too – and I think just as good for an everyday quaff.


The imported stuff we get here in Australia in the main bottle shops are around the $15 mark and are dry and crisp and light. I was interested when we were in Italy last year that their Prosecco was sweeter and less bubbly than what I had become used to – it was quite different – and yet just as good! You can use Prosecco in Mimosas or a new favourite of mine: The Aperol Spritz. You can enjoy it on its own but always shared with people that you love!

So what are my tips?

1. Torresella $12 (Dan Murphy’s)


This Italian number has proven a family fave. Name a function in our family from the past 9 or so years. Go on! Mum’s 60th? Bubbles of choice? Torresella! Lucy’s wedding? Torresella! Any function at our house? Torresella! You just can’t beat this for the price that you pay. I ALWAYS have a bottle of this in the fridge for unexpected friends, dinner parties, or just a random thirsty Thursday night. I get it from Dan Murphy’s but you can probably get it from most bottle shops. It’s my number one choice and my favourite. Check it out online here.

2. Brown Brothers $12 (Dan Murphy’s)


Made in Victoria’s King Valley this is a cracker and one I have only recently gotten into. It is a little sweeter than my beloved Torresella, but it’s very good again for a great price. You can also get this in the smaller piccolo bottles (perfect for using in a Spritz and if you are just drinking it yourself and only need a glass and a half).


You can check out the big bottles online here and the piccolos online here.

3. Zonin $10 (Dan Murphy’s)

Prosecco 1,5_Zonin_Bottle Shot

Another Italian one, this is even cheaper than the Torresella and also a great quaffer. I mean it’s under $10 and doesn’t taste terrible. Also comes in the little bottles in packs of 4…sweet! You can check out the big bottles online here and the smaller piccolos online here.

4. Santa Margherita $15 (Dan Murphy’s)


This has the highest point score of all of the Proseccos that I like to get (and you pay a little extra for it too). It’s a great tasting Italian prosecco, and a great price for a very good drop. There is a Superiore version of this too that’s a little extra but very well regarded. This winery also makes some very good Pinto Grigio’s. You can check it out online here and the Superiore version online here.


There are likely so many others out there – Italian and Australian that are very good but these are my favourites that I go back to again and again. You should try them out and see what you think…you won’t every regret a Prosecco. Maybe 34 glasses, but never one!

What’s your favourite drop of Prosecco?
Do you like to use it in mixers and cocktails?
Anyone else had it in Italy and noticed and difference?

Cheers friends…hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We don’t have anything much planned – some family coming down for a quick sleepover Saturday night and then not much else. Gosh the weeks are flying by at the moment…2 weeks till Good Friday!


  1. Love a prosecco, perfect summer drink! We order cases of it from primo estate in maclarenvale, not quite the bargain you are getting! It’s so good and crisp, not sweet either which I like, about $20 ?. Thanks for your list!

  2. I have been hitting the YB Prosecco (Yarra burn)… on special about $7 a bottle and yummo. Too easy to drink is the problem!

  3. I’m taking notes Beth!
    I love bubbles but always shy away from prosecco because I’m worried it might be sweet.
    We had a Spanish sparkling on the weekend and it was wonderful too. Must broaden my horizons!

  4. I love a Peach Bellini – using a purée made from lightly poached peaches with maybe a few Raseberrues thrown in for colour – I had a a few Sunday when I had some girlfriends for brunch – used your Haloumii recipe it was delish

  5. Porte Dante prosecco is a winner. Often on sale at BWS or around $13 a bottle at Dan’s.

  6. Drooling! One month in three months without booze!

  7. We often use YB by Yarra Burn prosecco in Aperol Spritz or other cocktails. It does the trick and we often get it for about $6 or $7 a bottle. Can’t go wrong.

  8. Lauren Russo (LOZ585) says

    I’ve been drinking the Jacobs Creek Prosecco for a few months now and I quite like it (often on sale at Liquor Land down to $10 a bottle) but I will definitely give the Torresella a try!

  9. I’m looking for something a little less sweet than a moscato so this sounds perfect!

  10. Aldi Prosecco!!

  11. I think my sister is coming for a visit and we shall be trying your top pick! Thanks x

  12. I am also a huge fan of Prosecco and because I don’t like having to lug cases of it from the bottle shop to my car and then to my house I generally order it online from Vinomofo. They do an amazing prosecco called Nua at $12 a bottle. It is dry and light and the bottle is beautiful too which always helps 😉 It’s not always available but when it is I buy it by the case load. I love an aperol spritz – those Italians are pretty clever!

  13. Ahh Beth, you enabler you!
    I’m off to Vintage Cellar stop presses the process isle.
    Happy Friday *clinks a glass*

  14. Love me a proscecco or two or three … I get my Italian Wine fix from here: Cheers x

  15. Sarah-Jane says

    Zonin is a fav by many an expat (including myself) over here in Moscow and I’m a little excited (ok so totally over the moon) to see it available in Oz for our yearly visit home.

  16. Vino Dell’Amicizia it’s an extra dry proper Italian Prosecco. About $25ish a bottle but buy it by the case, you will never go back it’s the best.

  17. Sponsored by Dan Murphy’s by any chance?

    • I wish it was! It’s usually where I buy from so I tried to show links to somewhere people could buy it. If only I could get paid for a gig like that!

  18. Great reviews. I too enjoy a good drop of prosecco. Looking forward to trying a few new ones from your list! My absolute fave is Dal Zotto around $20 a bottle. From the King Valley available at Dan’s. Enjoy x

  19. Big fan of Torresella too and also Dal Zotto (for a few extra bucks.) ?

  20. This post is a life saver, Beth! Standing in DM’s needing inspiration for a dinner tonight and then I Google this post….. Winner. Have grabbed a couple from the list to try. Thanks x

  21. You have just saved my ‘end of year – teacher gift buying’ behind
    (A dear teacher friend told me wine/bubbles are an excellent gift). Probs grab a bottle for me too – clearly!
    Thank you my dear x

  22. Pizzini Processo about $20.

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