Sheep’s Party

It was Sheep’s party on Tuesday afternoon. I was invited to come along after quite some time of the girls setting it all up. There was much too-ing and fro-ing and I didn’t quite know what I was going to find in there.

Like any good party, there was music.

And balloons.

And something that made my heart sing. A tablescape! Complete with rosemary branch and food and drinks.

The guest of honour arrived.

Outstanding event styling.

And very good party food.

I had a great time. Couldn’t be more pleased that both girls can host a fabulous party already – complete with flower arrangements.

Been to any good parties lately?


  1. My kids are excellent picnic hosts- I’ve taught them well! Once a week they organise one in our backyard. My nearly two year old calls it a micmic

  2. Too cute. x

  3. Heehee! Very talented stylists!!!

  4. Loving the rosemary in bottle…..

  5. The plaits SLAY ME.

  6. The most recent party was the Dpcon gala dinner. It was a blast. Your kids are adorable.

  7. I am loving the vintage crate/table!

  8. Totally adorable. Julie

  9. Oh the apples havent fallen far from your tree either Beth. This just made me smile one big goofy smile. xx

  10. Like mother like daughters obviously and how delightful to be invited to attend the sheep’s party. Well done to your kids.

  11. Happy birthday Sheep!

    That is about the most adorable thing I have ever seen!
    I love that they made sure that Sheep was enjoying herself…hostesses with the mostesses!

  12. Lovely!

  13. lovely and they look so happy i like that they set up a flower too 🙂 happy mama happy kids

  14. Love the imagination Harper amd Daisy have used here – and also emulating their mum’s hostess abilities 🙂 Cute!

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