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As a Mum I know that I worry way too much about all the bad things that could happen to my kids. My overactive imagination would have any given disaster happen to any of my kids at any time across all of their age groups of 11 to 2.

I have done first aid courses before, taken the time and expense out to spend a couple of nights a week or a whole weekend attending a First Aid Course and while I’m sure it sunk in at the time (I have the certificate to prove so), I honestly couldn’t tell you now how many compressions you are meant to do for CPR. I remember DRSABC as an acronym but I don’t even know what they stand for (Danger, Response…something…airways…breathing….?) See? It’s not good. Not to mention the fact that when Rob got a really bad electric shock from our dodgy dishwasher a few weeks back that I had NO clue what to do and completely panicked and was USELESS in the face of a serious family incident in our home.

I got my reminder about 6 months ago that my training was out of date and I needed to go and do it again but how can I find that time? I know how important it is as a parent, especially having a little one, but I’ve put it off. Add that to the list of stuff I have to do and all that. At least I know I’m not alone.

Knowing how many of us are in this situation, Rob and his mate Stu (both Dad’s with 5 kids between them) decided that there was a gap in the market for First Aid Training. Creating Click First Aid an online, on demand course with modules that you can work your way through, in your own time, at home, and that can be refreshed and renewed over and over again.

The Click First Aid Family First Aid course won’t turn you into a paramedic, nor will it give you a ticket (as there are no tests) but it will give you the confidence to break through the fear of a first aid situation involving your child, which is such an important thing. That fear that turns to panic and stops us from dealing with the problem at hand. They have a series of easy to follow video modules that are designed for you to watch in any order, at your own pace and in your own space. There are almost 2 hours of videos, a companion guide as well as family tailored First Aid Kits that are available for purchase.

The modules are designed to be easily digestible and can be taken in any order and at your own pace. This course covers basic life support (or CPR) for children and infants, choking in infants and older children, managing an unconscious child, major trauma, breaks, burns and bleeds, asthma, anaphylaxis, fits and seizures, venomous snake and funnel web spider bites, how to manage an unconscious child and what to do in the event of a child being poisoned. The course also runs through basic preventative measures you can take around the home and some simple tips to safeguarding both the inside and the outside your house.

Stu has been a medic and First Aid Trainer with 15 years experience and is especially passionate about empowering parents in Family First Aid. All of the courses follow the guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) – the peak body for First Aid in Australia and Click First Aid is a member of the ARC. I find Stu’s videos so calming, practical and somehow the stuff just sticks. I love the way the information is presented in small bite sizes pieces, in a calm and measure way giving the facts without too much faff.

The Click First Aid online course costs just $99 and gives you 12 months of unlimited access. There are over 2 hours of videos to watch (each module are in small digestible times though from 3-6 minutes), a comprehensive companion guide, 10% off First Aid Kits and all videos and information are automatically updated to your access as and when any offical guidelines change.

As an introductory offer to BABYMAC READERS I have 15% off this bringing to cost down to just $84. For potentially lifesaving info this is great value. I think it would make a brilliant baby shower gift for a new parent or parent to be, Grandparents or just for people like me that need a refresher and can’t get out to a course on a weeknight or weekend.

You can purchase the Family First Aid Online Course here.
Just enter the code BABYMAC at checkout for the discount to apply and only pay $84.

No Mum or Dad ever wants to have to put this stuff into practice, but having the tools in your kit for you to work through at your own time and pace (over and over again) is essential. I know I can cram and say the right things at the right time to pass a test but for me to really comprehend the info, I need time and I need to go back in my own time. BIG stuff that freaks us out as parents like choking, bites, anaphylaxis and bleeding and of course CPR can be looked at every month just so you can check in, refresh and gain more confidence. For new Mums & Dads, Grandparents and even parents like me that have been doing it for 11 years now, I still need this stuff. It’s so important.

I’d love for you to share this stuff with friends and family, not because it’s made by my husband, but just because it’s really good and really important stuff.

You can check out Click First Aid online here.
You can check out Click First Aid on Facebook here.

While this is not a sponsored post I am fully disclosing that my husband Rob and his mate have created this product. I am telling you about it because I truly believe it’s good, and so helpful. But yes, there’s a very close connection between the product and myself, and here I am pointing it out to you, just so you know before purchasing or recommending and before someone points it out to me.


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