Skin Update: What I have been doing/using

I felt like I did this last update post not that long ago and I just checked and it’s bang on 12 months. Huh! So maybe it was a long time…

It’s been about 2 years now since I tried to be a grown up and look after my skin. You can check out this series of posts to see a little about my trial and errors…

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What I will say about perioral dermatitis is that NOTHING really works except for ME except the antibiotics. And believe me, I have tried ALL OF THE THINGS. In fact, I am a pinup girl the face of PD for some weird Spanish clinic! No, I didn’t give them permission. My GP made a point of saying to me that I just have to treat it like a condition that needs constant treatment and just accept that for the time being. The ABs that I use are very low dose and have been fine for me with no side effects at all. They do take time though (like 4-6 weeks to kick in) and then you need to continue using them after they have cleared up.

That said, it’s been about 6 months or so since I have had a flare up and for me that’s the longest time between for me in years. So that’s something! I have noticed a little patch though so will keep an eye on it and strike early if I do think that it’s back. It’s disheartening having shit skin – having had good skin my whole life it’s like the last few years I have hit puberty all over again – and it’s BULLSHIT. But with the right drugs and looking after my skin, I have seen a great improvement.

So what have I been using to keep that dreaded PD at bay and looking good? I have noticed that my skin is looking the best it has in ages, it’s well hydrated and cleansed and I have had lots of compliments on it lately. Sure there are still pigmentation issues and I am so not one for any kind of filler or bo bo so for 40 year old skin that has had a rough time the last few years, I’m pretty happy with it and thought I’d share as I have had a few people ask me about it lately.

Here’s my latest line up on the bathroom sink:

I was recommended Payot from a make up artist last year and got a sample of it. Once I got through my last Clinque stuff I found it in the drawer and age it a go and have really noticed how lovely it makes my skin look and feel so continued to buy it after I used up the samples.

I use the following products and have found them cheapest online from (I think that this is an OS site but it comes pretty quick and I can’t fault them).

Payot Moisturiser $50

Love this lovely thick cream that you don’t need much of. Beautiful, deep moisturiser. I used to think that my skin was oily but in fact it seems to have responded to more is more is MORE with oils and creams that I now use.

Payot Foam Cleanser $24.50

I found the Go-to cleanser really dried out my skin but I love this one. Smells amazing and feels great without stripping my skin.

Hydrating Serum $42

As soon as this sample ran out I knew I had to add it in – I think it’s made a huge difference to a general glow for my skin and is just another level of moisture that it drinks up.

Skin Boss Oil $45

This night time one is my favourite (love the scent) and Harper has recently been using it on her skin where she has some eczema flare ups and it has made a huge difference for her. Love this stuff so much.

Oil Cleanser Clinque $50

This is basically like just adding coconut oil straight onto your face and is great for makeup removal. I would never have thought that an oil cleanser would even BE a thing but it is and I love it. This has lasted me AGES.

So my routine looks like this (if I have make up on):

1. Micellar water to remove eye make up
2. Clinque oil cleanser onto dry skin and then add a little splash of water to foam and rinse
3. Payot foam cleaner and then rinse
4. Skin Boss Oil
5. Payot moisturiser

And if it’s just a normal morning:

1. Splash of hot water
2. Payot serum
3. Payot moisturiser

Before bed (no make up on):

1. Payot foam cleanser
2. Skin Boss
3. Moisturiser on top and then bed

All of these products last a month or so and I have just decided it’s important to look after my skin so pay this much. I don’t get facials or massages so it’s like a treat for myself that I have been doing and it’s made a huge difference. Like I said, no PD flare ups for 6 months or so and I just love the way my skin looks and feels. With make up on it’s better and glows almost and without, well, it’s pigmenty but it’s not bad for 40.

That’ll do.

I’d love to know if you have any new skin products or make up that you love that’s working for you. Share away and tips and let us know if you have found something great.
If you have Perioral dermatitis, don’t despair it can be fixed and managed but remember you are not alone so many of us out there have it!


  1. Roden and Fields Redefine range.

    • Thanks Julie 🙂

    • I’ll second Soothe as well if you have irritation. Not a consulant, just a fan (waiting for them to release UnBlemish in Australia) I did use redefine before and it really did help with fine lines. Does anyone know if they do the money-back guarantee in Aus

  2. I love Payot as well, the Supreme Jeunesse products are Ah-MAZING!!!! (Shame about the price tag, but I do believe you get what you pay for!)

  3. Bonjour Beth

    Relaxing in Paris! Can you believe that!

    I swapped to Ella Bache products after I moved to the Highlands. I had used them in and off in the past because I had shocking dermatitis and their products worked a charm however I thought they were more expensive then I could justify.

    Back on them now for over a year I have had fantastic results! My skin looks pretty good for a nearly 50 year old! (How did that happen!)

    The flushed redness I have lived with forever is hardly noticeable and my open pores clean and less noticeable. So if you’re looking for a change at any stage I would give them a go.

  4. Thanks Beth! Glad you haven’t had a flare-up for a while. I know you said you’ve tried everything so please feel free to think I’m very annoying, BUT! Have you heard about sodium laurel sulphate being the cause of flare-ups in some people? Check this out: . She is the skincare queen, and says even SLS in her toothpaste and shampoos/ conditioners causes a flare. She uses SLS-free toothpaste.

    I’m loving Drunk Elephant products, but I’m not sure they’re available in Australia yet? They are $$ but everything I’ve tried works so well. I buy Paula’s Choice products as well. Love that they’re fragrance-free.

  5. Hi Beth, just wondering if you have tried the Rodan + Fields Soothe regime for your perioral dermatitis? I don’t suffer personally but have read a number of positive reviews and have seen before and after pictures with impressive results.

  6. Your skin is looking FABULOUS! Love seeing Skin Boss in there and reading your thoughts on it x

  7. Elyse McDonald says

    Hi Beth, I have never commented on a blog in my life 😬 but wanted to share with you how I treated my own PD naturally in case it could help you (or anyone) next time, I know how much it affected my own confidence when I was pregnant & breastfeeding..

    Just two ingredients and very cheap-
    Apple Cider Vinegar WITH the Mother Enzyme- *NOT just the stuff out of the kitchen cupboard. And Calendula Cream- I used Martin & Pleasance. Both products cheap from the pharmacy.
    Dab PD gently with ACV, it will sting.. and then apply calendular cream and repeat daily until it has healed. (More often if your skin can handle it but the ACV can be tough on your skin)
    I’m sorry if you have already tried this and this is annoying but I was so happy when this worked for me and I really hope it can help you too x

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